Katy Perry -Icon Contest (round 1) OPEN

jake_rose_4ever posted on Mar 30, 2012 at 11:55AM
This is a picture contest with main theme our favorite singer Katy Perry. You can only post 1 picture per round. The icons you choose will be posted in "Picks". The round will end after 5 people post pictures.

*Thank you for participating:)
**If you don't understand something about the contest, ou can add me and ask me;)

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over a year ago jake_rose_4ever said…
I'm sorry, there is a problem with my computer!:/
Round 1(OPEN)
Theme: Katy's Blue Hair

over a year ago Cheraine21 said…
Here's Mine! [:
Here's Mine! [:
over a year ago situ123 said…
over a year ago jake_rose_4ever said…
big smile
finally, I can post pictures on fanpop again!!
here's mine.
she is gorgeous, isn't she?:')
finally, I can post pictures on fanpop again!!<br />
here's mine.<br />
she is gorgeous, isn't she?:'