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The fans pick: Kitty Purry!
The fans pick: Totally!
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halleymao said …
no one has the right to rise above unless the Almighty God accepted him
#ByTheGraceOfGod-KatyPerry Posted over a year ago
katyperryluv123 said …
Katy is awesome! I will always be a KatyCat! Posted over a year ago
spuffy47 said …
This is too all my fellow Katycats, u guys are my hero`s we liv for katy and we will always protect our mama cat, and i recently got in a fight with a little monster cuze she said BAD BADD stuff about katy and to all u katy cats i will say that you should always remember this:dont be afraid to fly, your a katycat and ur purr-fect! i lov all u katycats who are supporting ur mama cat i am so happy to be a part of the katycat maddness remember always stay tru to what u believe-luv spuffy47 Posted over a year ago
Katyperry4life commented…
omg omg omg. Dont make me cry lol. What an awesome post!!!!!! you toataly over a year ago
Katyperry4life commented…
deserve 405 props lol over a year ago
spuffy47 commented…
thank u:D over a year ago