1. Adventure with Katz & Berry / AWK&B was born at the year 2009, January.
Still a Dork that day, Have no good drawing and no good story maker.
Katz refer to me and Berry refer to my buddy, who love to draw as I am and she is a bear(her maskot).
In the comic, Katz and Berry turn to Human form. And there are call, Katie and Berryna!
Full name, Katz Katie and Berry Berryna Blueberry(how long~) ! This project was planned by Berry and me.
Both of Us are still a noob making stories that day...

K and B are childhood friends. When They we're 15 , B told K that B needs to go on a journey
to find her lost parent. K refuse. K dont want to live alone(as her Grandma die, and her parent), she wants B stay with her. B refuse to the stay. She really needs to search her lost family. After that K and B got into a fight.
But before the day B left, K apologize and make a conclusion. "I want to join you Journey!"
That's went it born, ' Adventure with Katz and Berry!"' :P

2. DRAKULA UTAU, As I can remember... This is born after I watch Shakugan no Shana.
I feel like want to make a fighting story. Then I begin sketching the characters. At first Utau(the main character),
has two long pony tail hair. But then I think I wanna change. Since I recently draw Pony tails! Lets try to change!
After finish sketch it. I was like "What..? What just happen?" Utau look 100% like Taiga(ToRaDora)!
OMg.... I can't make it like this. Or people think I copycat Taiga..
So I change her alittle... :3
In this Comic, her partner is a boy. Named, Cresent.

Cresent is the main character(then Utau). He met Utau when he heard Utau's singing
Utau is kind of a Stundere character, She love biting people. Well, She's a Drakula~!
But she like's to bite at peoples elbow. How weird!

3. AWAKEN AT ANOTHER WORLD. I was sketching stuff while hearing song.
I usually hear songs to make an Idea pop in my mind. I draw a little girl with a catie hat.
I then give her a name, KatzNeko. I giggle alittle because I put my name to my character.
Katz was suggested to be in a school comedy story. But then after hear some anime song my mind pop
out some Idea. Idea of a boy taking a nap and without he knew, He was in somewhere else.
Another World? He then been pull by Katz. Katz pull him because he thought this Boy is his Brother who vanish 5 years ago.

Mark, The boy who'd been pulled. He is 16.
And he do love to sleep in the middle of class.
KatzNeko, Or Katz, Is a joyable and hyper kid. She is actually 16 too.
"Brother!" Is the word she recently use.