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Kawaii Anime List Article

List of Extremely Kawaii Anime Shows

List by Zelink4ever posted over a year ago
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Kawaii Anime -

Ao No Exorcist
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
Digi Charat: Trip to the Planet
Fruits Basket
Fairy Tail
Fushigiboshi No
Hayate No Gotuku
Kamichama Karin
Lucky Star
Mayoi Neko Overrun

Mermaid Melody
Ore No Kanojo To Osananajimi Ga Shuraba Sugiru
Ouran High School Host Club
Sailor Moon
Sugar Sugar Rune
The Cardcapter Sakura
The Fullmetal Alchemist
Tokyo Mew Mew
Tsubasa Chronicles
Vampire Knight
What About My Star

Kawaii in them!

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Higurashi is kawaii too because Rena is kawaii because she likes taking kawaii girls home and Hanyuu and Rika are kawaii too. Also, dbz might not be kawaii but many people think Kid Gohan is kawaii. Other then that, good list
posted over a year ago.
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and Elfen Lied! (though there is some gore...)
posted over a year ago.
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alinah_09 said:
love K-on!,Hayate no Gotoku and Lucky Star!! XD
posted over a year ago.
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I love all these animes!!! What about Nurarihyon No Mago? Kana in there is kawaii!

posted over a year ago.