Drawing anime faces
~How to make your own anime character~

.:. Steps.:.

Choose a gender and an age for your character. You should also decide whether you want your character to be human, animal, or something else.

Choose a personality for your character. His or her appearance will depend on this personality. Emo, punk, perky, selfish, sensitive, or peppy are some ideas, though complex personalities make your characters more well-rounded and unique. If you can't decide, make flashcards with different personality traits written on them and pick one randomly.

Choose your character’s talents. Is the character a warrior, a trickster, a magician, etc.? Maybe they’re a ballerina (like Mint Aizawa in Tokyo Mew Mew) or a rich, famous, over-all superstar like Zakuro Fujiwara (also from Tokyo Mew Mew). Don’t be afraid to be specific about what he or she is capable of.

Give your character a fatal flaw. It may sound strange but a fatal flaw will create a believable hero or heroine that the reader will be able to sympathize with. This could be that they care too much (like Homura from Madoka Magica) or that they are so fixed on revenge that the battle could kill them (Like Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach) or have serious motion sickness (like Natsu from Fairy Tail).

Create a personal story line for your character. This could mean creating an entirely new story or simply putting your character into your favorite RPC (role-playing-character). Regardless, give your character wants and beliefs, as well as specific likes and dislikes. For example, your character could be a cat-loving Dominican who hates nothing more than being mistaken for an African American.
🔻At the minimum, give your character a name, age, favorite color/book/movie, etc., hair color, birthday, and best friend. Optional qualities include magical powers, crush/boyfriend/girlfriend, inspirational heroes, and blood type. (Different blood types and meanings are listed in the tips). All this information will pay off as you develop the character and/or storyline.

Draw the character. For resources, check out how to draw: (cute characters usually have wide eyes while cool ones have small slanted eyes.)

Add clothing and accessories. Be sure that these match your characters personality. For example, if your character is girly, put her in a skirt or dress and flats, boots, or heels. A "Jungle Girl," by contrast, may have a tank top, shorts, long boots, and big swords. Be creative!

Name your character. Try to come up with a unique name.

Drawing an anime character requires a basic knowledge of human body.The more you can draw humans,the easier would it be to draw an anime character. So,start with drawing(for practise) your friends and even yourself sitting in front of a mirror.

To draw poses for your character,you can click images of yourself doing those poses and then try to draw your character in those poses with the help of the images.


⚫Try drawing your character again and again to see what works and what doesn’t; the more familiar you are with the character, the easier it will be to draw him or her in different situations. This will also improve your drawings over time, so don't worry if it looks awkward or strange in the beginning.Also,try to draw your character from different angles.

⚫If the character seems too bland, that's okay! Get some peer critique from peers or people of the same interest, or if you're creating a character for a published work, get feedback from your audience.

⚫Check out these blood types and meanings:
O - Happy, open, caring, and energetic
A - Chilled out, cool, caring, positive attitude
B - Chilled out, cool, negative attitude with an occasional glimpse of happiness
AB - hyper! funny, positive thinking, energetic, cool, overall great person!
Observe the people around you.You can even base your character on them.
You can make your character more unique by making marks or scars on them.
If you are having difficulty in getting new ideas,think of the animes you have watched and observe the characters.Then,combine or choose from their abilities or appearance.
Try to practise drawing as much as you can.It will finally pay off later when you get all those compliments about your drawing.
This is a tip on how to shade -

⚫Shading can make your character more nice.Shading of shadows must be done so as to give the direction of light where it is coming from.Shade below the hair,between the hairs,below the neck and in the clothes.Try shading lightly in the inner part and darkly in the outer part.Do not go overboard with shading too.
Here's how to make an eye - Draw a circle and then make two curved lines - one in the above covering a small portion of the circle and the other below similarily.Add and a small dark circle in the middle of the circle and draw one or two bubbles in the bigger circle.Make small lines coming out of the smaller circle.The lines should be almost half of the distance between the smaller and the larger circle.Shade and then its finished.

⚫When designing what your character looks like, don't go overboard with the special effects. You don't want 3 cool belts, 5 cute bracelets, and 8 weapons! Just go easy on it. Remember, a little individuality can go a long way!
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