I hope i'm not the only one writing these fanfics. Enjoy!


I'm 13 years old. My name is Kit and I have 5 sisters and 1 brother, I look like my older sisters Khloe and Kim. I'm invisiable to the whole world and I am annoyed by it, nevermind forget that. I have to go Kendall is calling me.

Kit K.Kardashian

I put away my diary in it's hiding place and went downsairs "What do you want, Kendall?" "Kit, how come your always like...grumpy?" she asked, walkig over to sit on the couch. "I don't know, why would you even care about it. No one ever notices me! Even when I speak, it's like I'm yelling in a crowded room and one dares to look up!"
"Kit, why didn't you tell any of us?" She stood up to hug me, but I stopped her "Don't." I didn't want people to feel pity for me. "What's wrong with hugging my sister?" "Don't talk to me." I was about to leave, but Kendall said: "We're going to Bora Bora, Hawii and we're making a cover of Katy Perry's E.T" "Really?" "Yes and the whole family's going to be there, including Mason!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down "First of all, stop jumping like a kid who's really hyper and who's gonna be in the video?" "Khloe, Lamar, Kim, Kourtney, Scott, Mason, Kim's fiance, Mom, Dad, Kylie, Rob, Me, and you." She said, using her fingers to count everyone "When are we leaving?" "Tomorrow and pack comftable clothing." She said walking away, Meanwhile I went to go to my room to pack for the trip.