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Ryanne81 posted on Jul 09, 2009 at 07:38PM
Keith had posted on myspace that his merchandise will be set to come out later this month!!!!! Anyone else excited!?!?

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over a year ago musikluver94 said…
i'm just wondering if you know how to join the contest to win free stuff?? i'm trying to figure it out, but so far i've had no luck. if any one knows, PLEASE tell me!!
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
Email him through myspace with you name and address with the correct answer.
over a year ago musikluver94 said…
what's the question??? i can't find the entry info. plz tell me Ry!!
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
The question was: " what song is it'll be in vein from?"
over a year ago musikluver94 said…
is it just the words "it'll be in vain", or is it his entire song "vanity"? thanks Ryanne!
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
Just the name of the song
over a year ago weeangels61 said…
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…

Very soon we will be launching the NEW
'Official Keith Harkin Merchandise'.

Due to popular demand, Keith has decided to make available some official, and very original items for his fans to purchase. These items will be available to buy through this forum, and also on the official Keith Harkin website.

We hope to have the items listed on the forum very soon for all to see, and if interested, members can purchase within a few simple clicks and have the item delivered to their home address in a matter of days!

Items for sale will include:
* Picture Postcard Packs
* 5 Set Glossy Picture Pack (A4 Size)
* NEW Beautiful High Gloss Keith Portrait (A2 Size)

** A4 Size = 210mm x 297mm Or 8.1/4 x 11.3/4(inches)
** A2 Size = 420mm x 594mm Or 16.1/2 x 23.3/8(inches)

Pictures & Prices of all items will be available soon on the forum.
More items will be available in the coming weeks and months!

Any queries? Contact me!

Thank You,
Johnny Shongo
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
Hi Guys!

The pics are all high resolution prints, amazing glossy quality, and all come with Keiths signature print on them

The A2 poster, is a huge glossy portrait of Keith, an image that nobody will ever have seen before, and it IS quite stunning (even if I do say so myself lol).:)

Thats all I cant say at the minute - dont wanna spoil the suprise for y'all!!

They'l be available soon enough for yous to plaster the walls with!

over a year ago musikluver94 said…
sweet! i can't wait!!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
I know!! I can't wait either!!
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
big smile
Keith Harkin merchandise now for sale on Keith's site!!!!!

over a year ago musikluver94 said…
over a year ago Ryanne81 said…
I also put the link in the links spot