Biography Keith-Lee Castle
Officially approved by the man himself.

DATE BIRTH-16 July 1959
MARITAL STATUS- married, with Rachel, the
mother of his two children
His daughter's name is Samantha, she is 7 years old.
His son's name is Mark, he is 12 years old.
Keith is very family orientated and very protective of his family.
His hobbies include: Reading, playing Pool, quiet nights at home.
He is a very quiet private person away from work.
His favourite drink is Captain Morgans Rum Parrots-Passion Fruit
Likes classical music -opera Beethoven
He does smoke as well but not sure what brand.
No health problems
He is a vegan/vegetarian but is known to eat fish occasionally and he
loves dark chocolate
He stands around 6ft 2
Keith has blue eyes and wears contact lenses
Brown hair long past shoulders straight
Thin slim build
Does definately have tattoos on both arms upper shoulders
he is European Caucasion
is English born
living in England a few hours out of London
Some of his acting credits include the following shows:
Young Dracula played Count Dracula
Holby city played a nurse named Phil
Urban Gothic: Vampirology played Rex a vampire
Seed of chucky-Psychs
Wind in the willows-Clarence Weasel
Vampire Diary -Eddie Strode
Velvet Goldmine-Harley in the band Venus in Furs
Was in the English show The Bill as Chris Hammond
Lexx in the episode Walpurgis Night as Renfield
This Life -Truelove
The latest film he has worked on is called Doghouse played Patrick.

A very huge thank you to Keith-Lee Castle for giving his permission
to post his biography in this group.

Also a huge thanks to Lindsay Bennett and Rex who also made this
publication possible.