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News by fan-at-KWN posted over a year ago
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Today, Howie Mandel cohosts Live! with Kelly. Both of these fabulous stars have helped Kids Wish Network grant wishes to deserving young fans, so we are super excited about this episode!

It was just a few months ago, actually, when 7-year-old Cassandra was given the chance to meet the beloved comedian and talk show host, Howie Mandel. Cassandra, suffering from a birthdefect known as spina bifida, is Howie’s self-proclaimed number one fan and had an absolutely wonderful wish-come-true experience!

In 2006, 13-year-old Tripp, who suffers from spina bifida, couldn’t believe it when he got his one wish to meet his all-time favorite morning show stars, Regis and Kelly, in person. Tripp’s exciting journey to New York was definitely an unforgettable experience!

Regis will also be on TV today, making a guest appearance on The View!

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