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Fan fiction by kendallbestfan posted over a year ago
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Kendall Schmidt has been an actor since childhood, landing numerous roles in television shows, commercials and feature films. Recognizing his passion for music, Kendall has since embarked on a dual acting/music career as song writer, guitarist, vocalist, and producer.

Kendall Schmidt is the rhythm guitarist in the fitness program video, "The Alyson Stoner Project
If Big Time Rush has a leader, Kendall is it! Music and dancing are in his blood. He never imagined he'd end up on the brink of superstardom, but he just might enjoy the ride. And if anyone can keep these guys together, it's Kendall.

Opinion by KendallLOVER001 posted over a year ago
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I think nearly 75% of the female population think Kendall Schmidt & Big Time Rush is hot. I am one of those 75% who think they all are hot.Some people do not agree. I think the people who are not a huge fan of Kendall Schmidt & Big Time Rush do have an issue by picking great music, HOT boys, and HOT boys with EVERYTHING great about them!!! I also think that since my brothers and other boys hate BTR & Kendall Schmidt, they are intemidated that very cute boys ages 21-22 can win the hearts of maybe 6-?? year old girls/ladies. AND boys may think that BTR & Kendall Schmidt do not sing great, act good, and cannot sing but those boys are VERY WRONG!!!! I asked my friend who was a boy if he though BTR was great and he said that they are good. (He is my fave guy friend because of his response.) Then, I asked another one of my guy friends the same question and he said and I quote, " Big Time Rush are good singers but... they cannot act!" I told him that he was wrong. Even though he said BTR were good singers, he still said that they cannot act!! My friend is still my friend but now I call him a girl name because of what he said. I may sound mean about what I call him but, he...