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posted by demon_wolf
You walk through the gates of Konoha with Yukimaru on your back.

"Uh its so good to be back home." you say.

Shino looks at you,
"Yeah it is." He says.

"So Kakashi sensai, what will happen to Yukimaru now that he is here?" you ask.

"I dont know that is up to Tsunade not me." He answers.


You all walk to the Hokage's building. Once inside Tsunade just tells you not to tell anyone because the less people that know the better and the less people that may or may not get hurt or even killed, If ororchimaru found out what happen. She also lets Yukimaru live with you.

you were only home for two days when Tsunade called you into her office again.

"Have you two talked to anyone in the village yet?" she asked you and shino.

"I have not talk to anyone. I'm not even sure if they know we are back from the mission." You answered.

"Yeah me neither." Shino says.

"Why? What happen?" you asked.

"I'm sorry to tell you this but the mission was a waste." She said in a calm tone.

"WHAT?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN A WASTE?" you yell at her.

"EXACTLY WHAT I SAID, A WASTE!" She yelled back then got calm again. "The information you and shino gathered was no use to us in helping to find the REAL hideout."

"Well if you wanted information like that then you should of said get info that will lead us to the REAL hideout. Instead of just telling us to get information at any cost." you say with anger in your voice.

"I know." she said.

"So what you are telling us is that me and Mira risked our lives for nothing." Shino said without a hint of emotion.

"No no! The info did help with what kind of experiments Orochimaru was doing." She said.

"So all those people we had to kill for EXPERIMENTS could of been SAVED!" You said, your emotions overflowing you.

"Well you did save one."

"Yeah one out of HUNDREDS!"

"calm down at least you saved someone. Now Kurenai is starting a training session in an hour you two go to it. Mira I'm sorry for what happen."

"Yeah I'm sure you are but that doesn't change a thing when it comes to the people we had killed. . . . . So I guess now I can just forget about it?"

"Yes forget about it put it in the back of your mind, Shinobi sometimes have to do that inorder to move on in their lives and help to save countless others. I expect you to do the same, both of you." Tsunade said.

"Whatever." you say and storm out of the room with Shino behind you.

You walk ahead of Shino at a fast pace. He is doing a good job of keeping up with you.

"Well that was a waste of a month and a half." He said.

You arrive at the training grounds and you walk over to a training dummy and start throwing kunais at it. Shino sits on a rock and watches you. After about 20 minutes he speaks.

"Are you ok Mira?"

"No I'm not. Tsunade should of said what kind of info we were looking for." You answer still throwing kunia.

"Yeah I know what you mean. If she did then maybe a couple of lives could of been saved."

"I feel guilty for killing them for such stupid experiments." you say as tears run down your face. A kunia falls from your hand as you try to stop the tears from flowing down your face.

"Shino, Mira?" a voice says from behind you.

You and Shino look up to see Hinata and Kiba standing a few feet away from you. You wipe your eyes and Akita jumps into your arms.

"Is it true?" Hinata asks.

You and Shino look at one other.

"Is what true?" Shino finally says

"What you were just talking about. How you both killed innocent people in experiments." She said.

You look at the ground. "Yeah it is true." you say.

"But we only did because we had to not because we wanted too." Shino said.

"Cant you just tell us the whole story now that we know half of it." Kiba said.

"No I'm sorry its bad enough that you know what we did. The less people that know the less that may or may not get hurt or killed in the end." you say.

"WHAT?!" Kiba and Hinata say.

"Orochi. . . "

Someone puts their hand over your mouth.

"The less people that know the better Mira."

They took their hand away. You turn around to see Kakashi standing there.

"Sorry sensai." You say.

"Is ok." Turns to Hinata and Kiba. "Im Sorry you two but Mira is right what you know now is already more than you should know." He turned back to you and Shino and whispered. "Be careful going on missions because when Orochimaru finds out he will be on the war path and will come staight for konoha."

"okay Sensai." You and Shino whisper back to him.

He then dissapeared.

You walk over to the training dummy and start picking up the kunai, then you hear.

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