Watching the Kids' Choice Awards, I was not very surprised to see them use their "creepy hater voice" to poke fun at anger issues. I can totally see why this would be offensive. The results where asking if the voice was "A monkey with bad breath, **a lunch lady with anger issues, or our mystery celebrity?"

I having had slight anger issues, have every right to be totally offended by this. Issues led to teasing, teasing led to ignorance, ignorance led to avoidance, avoidance led to loneliness, loneliness led to depression, and depression led to wanting to commit suicide.
It's hard to get it into some people's head that anger issues are no joke. If you have a goody two-shoes friend, he is likely to get angry at you for all your so-called "antics" and become a straight-up bully. So you can see how someone with anger issues could *accidentally* turn a goody two-shoes to the "dark side" as a Sith Lord could turn a Jedi Knight to the dark side of the Force.
And it doesn't stop there. You can even get picked on by your own family who just doesn't understand the problems you have. Bullying someone with a thin skin, according to research, works up their nerves, and can bring out the anger issues we all have, since people with anger issues are obviously kow for having thin skin.
So anger issues isn't all genetic, and when it is, it usually doesn't lead to *as* bad of problems.

But it doesn't stop there. People with anger issues who're reading this article: It's not your fault! People who tease you don't understand just like your family! Anyone who makes fun of you for it or says it's your fault is *wrong*! Believe me, I know.

So If the makers are doing some sort of "anti-bullying campaign", they're apparently not doing a very good job.