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Captain Hook
Killian Jones
Hook and Morgana
Hook and Morgana
Hook and Morgana
Morgana and Hook
Hook and Morgana
Morgana and Hook
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The fans pick: A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets
A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets
Let me tell you how it works on my ship. I make the demands. You follow them.
The fans pick: yes
one of them
The fans pick: Captain Hook
Captain Hook
Killian Jones
The fans pick: still like a pirate
still like a pirate
still pirate-ish but normal clothes, something like Jefferson
The fans pick: Team Hook
Team Hook
Team Rumpelstilstskin
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lilyZ said …
“We look at Captain Hook as kind of our Han Solo character…We say he’s Han Solo with guyliner.” -Adam and Eddy on TV Editor’s Hour on EW Radio Sirius XM 105 Posted 2 months ago
big smile
lilyZ said …
BEST CHARACTER: Captain Hook. The pirate turned out to be a hero in disguise. Killian not only stood by Emma's side in Neverland while she fought to save her son, he even sacrificed his ship, the Jolly Roger to bring her back from New York City to save her family. Despite all the challenges and Emma's snarky refusals, this bad boy never gave up hope and turned out to have a heart of gold. - OUAT S3 Report Card /TV Fanatic Posted 2 months ago
lilyZ said …
"The hot bad boy pirate with a heart of gold..." - TV Fanatic Posted 2 months ago