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Fan fiction by DIreSha posted over a year ago
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Hi, I'm Dilini. A fan girl from Sri Lanka. I've seen you from Boys over Flowers. It's really awesome. And I love it.
So Yi Jung character is really suits for you. I currently watching it.
Honestly I wanna say something about So Yi Jung because he changed me. He helped Chu Ga Eul to give up on her ex boyfriend. I was in the same situation then. So it helped me to heal myself.
I know it's a character but it was you. I wanna say thank you very much. I can wait for my soulmate now.
I really love you. I know so many fan girls say that, so I'm one of them too maybe. Here's some more love from me.

Dear Kim Bum you're so adorable, you have a nice smile and then your eyes are shining. Actually I think they can talk. When I'm sad I just look at your smile, then I can forget everything. You know I have a big poster of you on my almirah.. :) This is so true You were the cutest one of F4. This is so true celebrity.
You are so great. Keep it up KB. I'm really proud to be a fan of you. And one day I need to see you and talk to you. Hope you'll give me a chance.
Opinion by avie_06 posted over a year ago
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I don't really know about this kind of stuff in my whole life...

It's my first time in here so I don't know anything about being a fan of a famous guy...

I just sign in this site because of my cousins and friends who are obviously freaking me out cause they like you that much..

they always asking me some questions about you that I really don't know nor any idea of who you really are...

but in my opinion.. it is okay with me to get myself in this... they like you.. i don't see any wrong with that.. as long they want it then go...

cause being what you are is the best character that you will have in your life..
Fan fiction by x_s posted over a year ago
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Kim Bum, do you know...
When I have trouble I always look at your smile
and go ahead
I have never met you, I from Vietnam - this country is far from Korea
I don't think that you will come here
It's Ok
I will come there

I don't beautiful to become a Model...
I don't have a good voice to become a singer...
I can't act in front of a camera like an actress...

So I can't become a famous girl
So I have to do something else
I wonder how
Can't be famous ? That is not mean I can't be successful.
Attempt on work and at school, too...
I just 19 years ols I can do anything, like you...

You are very busy, I know that, Kim Bum, and you have a lot things to do
So I won't request you to do something for me or for your fans, on the contrary, I will try one's best to do little something because of you...

So...one day, when I be success I will stand in front of you and say that: "Kim Bum, now you can see, your fan is as great as you" ^_^