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Opinion by 143KSH posted over a year ago
fan of it?
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First of all. This is my first reason on why I signed up to kim soo hyun's fanclub. Of course I'm his diehard fan! I love him for who he is not only because he's good-looking but also he is a very talented actor. He can sing well and as well as dance. And based on his interviews I can see that he is down to earth and his smile is very charming that it can captivate your heart. I'm really happy of what he had accomplished today. He is indeed successful! I watched all of his dramas and past films and he really did great. And about his upcoming movie this 2016, "Real". To be honest, I felt mixed emotions. Of course, I'm happy for him. But I was totally shocked when I heard the news that he's going to do a bed scene with Sulli. I know I don't have the right to mess with someonE's business but I'm really disappointed. I mean yes he's old enough for that but I can't really imagine him doing that. I know it's work but still! I'm really sad. I prefer his naive appearance in dream high and the charismatic King Lee Hwon as well as Do Min Joon. I love him in the producers! I really feel upset and disappointed. Okay. please don't hate me for this. I'm not his hater but a certified fan I'm just...