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King Kong Wall

iMiku said …
Omg, I love this movie, he makes me crying when I think about the end. o.o Posted over a year ago
vider69 said …
Some of you asked for a better King Kong icon, so here it is, I hope you like it. Posted over a year ago
vider69 said …
Hi everyone, it's great to see this club growing so much and thank you for all of your content. Posted over a year ago
DougMason commented…
I collect "King Kong" stamps, and the following countries have stamps: Canada, Netherlands, Myanmar (Burma), Abkhazia (Russian-backed breakaway from Georgia), Central African Republic, Gabon, Angola, St. Thomas & Principe, Republic of Congo, etc. Notably, the USA doesn't have a stamp. Anyone want to join the effort to get a set of Kong stamps issued on March 2, 2033 (centennial of the 1933 original)? Anyone know of any other countries (I know, Skull Island stamp from 1933 brochure) that have Kong stamps. Thanks! over a year ago