Hello, I am KingdomHeartsNR here with the Inside OUTSIDE NEWS!!! Today's first topic: Xion. I have scavenged almost every possible website, memorized the games story line (even though I don't have it or a DS), and searched for promising pictures.


Xion is in fact, not a nobody. She is a clone of Sora created from his memories, since Kairi was his strongest memory at the time, she appeared to look like Kairi. and because of being Sora's clone, she can weild the keyblade. Xion befriends Roxas (ironically) and Axel, and shares with them a great friendship. But, Sora's memories start leaking into her, and when having a nightmare on the beach, kept changing forms from her, to Sora, to Roxas, and to RIku. She leaves the Organixation at first, being hunted down by Axel, and after many times being with them and Riku different times, she starts to change forms when she is awake as well. This eventually brings Xion to go mad. unable to return to her true form. Xion decides to try and become the "real" Sora by trying to kill ROxas. Roxas deafeats her,though, and she regains her sanity. She decides to dissapear and tells Roxas of the Organizations plans, wich as we know, eventually takes him to leaving the organization. She dissapears in his arms.... and everyone forgets her. Riku, on the other hand, has constant visions of her, she tells him its alright everyones forgotten her,because she will never forget them.
Organization XIII
Xion having a nightmare, first as Sora...
then Riku, etc.
Xion Dying in Roxas's arms