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King Mickey and the Organization Part 3

Fan fiction by ILoveKingMickey posted over a year ago
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King Mickey In His Organization XIII Cloak
As seen in Part 2...

"Oh no... We don't have time for you! MOVE!!" Sora cried. Hundreds of heartless creeped and crawled from every direction towards the hidden light of the dark alley. The Queen paced quickly towards Sora with the others right behind her, "What?! What is it Sora...?"
"Whaaaaaghhhh!" Donald complained, "We're never going to get through this!" Sora looked over to the Queen who had a peculiar expression on her face, "What's up your Majesty? If you have an idea, I'm all for suggestions." The Queen looked up. "I think I know how to clean up this mess, but it's going to take a lot of energy, and I don't think I'll be able to handle it..." Sora replied, "I'll be with you all the way, your Excellency. Whatever it takes, we're all here for you." The Queen pondered, "I suppose, if the two of us generate enough light source, we can create a super flare that will take out most of the heartless." Sora questioned, "A super flare? Hmmm, okay, I guess we can try it. Like I said, whatever it takes." The Queen spread out her hands, "Entwine your hands with mine, and let out your inner light. I know it sounds complicated but all you really need to do is let your mind race around you." Sora seemed to grasp it quickly, and all of a sudden a giant stretch of light - almost like a circle - spread out around them and destryed 80 percent of the heartless. "Wow! Where did you learn that?" Sora glowered. "It was one of the many techniques that King Mickey taught me. I knew you would grasp it quickly; it's not that difficult." Sora looked up, "Look out!"
A heartless jumped at the Queen and bowled her over, but Sora had him off as quickly as he was on, and disposed of him. "Your Majesty! Are you alright?! I'm so sorry I should have been paying attention." The Queen got up slowly, "No no, it is not your own burden to carry. Just take care of the rest of them." Sora turned around, "Come on, let's finish this."
. . .

Castle of the World That Never Was...

Axel, Luxord, and Demyx sauntered down the dark steps of the cells. When they finally came to rest on firm ground, Demyx complained, "I just had to come down here didn't I? Why do you decide all of a sudden to bring me along everywhere you go Axel?" Axel smirked, "Because, you need the experience. You barely have the right to call yourself a member of Organization 13, and you're kind of, well.. a wimp." Demyx looked away and sniffed, "Hmph..." As they approached, they saw the King; standing broadly in the center of the cell. "Well, well, well, look who it is; it's the mouse king with the tight schedule. How convenient." Axel crooned. King Mickey stared at him evenly, but said nothing. Axel continued, "It's the time you've been waiting for. Xemnas needs you in the interrogation room. Luxord, deactivate the shield." Luxord scanned his hand on a nearby sensor and the sheild failed. The King knew he was outnumbered, and would be easily taken down if he tried to escape at this precise moment, so he was forced to comply. The King walked out of the cell and strode up the stairs like a shadow. "Don't let him out of your sight. I'll meet you there." Axel strode away nonchalantly in the other direction. "Oh, you are in for it mouse." Luxord murmured.
. . .

The Interrogation Room...

The King strode in casually, but did not sit down; weapons targeting him. Xemnas walked over to where the King stood. Several minutes passed, until Xemnas broke the silence, "So, I guess your wondering why I have you here. It's quite simple really; as you know, I want to have complete control over Kingdom Hearts, but to do that I need to be able to access it. Kingdom Hearts cannot be opened unless it has a certain amount of hearts. It would take years to get it opened by just destroying heartless. I think three strong hearts should do just the trick; that's where you come in." King Mickey eyed him incredulously, while Xemnas continued, "And the other hearts well, I bet you can guess who fits the bill. Now, I don't want to start an uproar, but tell me, where is Sora and Riku?" King Mickey still said nothing, but turned his gaze to the floor, as if something was written there for him to study. "You will tell me where they are, or I will show you the true meaning of pain and fear." Still, the King did not say anything, but continued to eye the floor. Xemnas lost his patiece, but overcame it quickly, "Get this idling fool out of my sight. Lock him in the darkest cell, by the time i'm finished with him, he'll beg for death." King Mickey was dragged out of the room, but looked at Xemnas at the last minute. The stare Xemnas received made him shudder slightly, but he quickly composed himself, and tried to forget the mouse with the fearless glint in his eyes, “Kingdom Hearts will be mine, and nobody out there can stop me,” he murmurered.

. . .

The World That Never Was...

Sora, Donald, and Goofy finished the last few remnants of the heartless, and strode over to the Queen. "Are you alright your Majesty? You took quite a blow over there." Sora said. "No, I think I'm okay, I just need to take a rest, that's all," Minnie said wearily. "Okay, you don't have to go in the castle if you don't want to. Just stay out of sight until we come back. I promise I will not come back without the King."
"Okay, I'll stay. But, be careful all of you, Minnie sighed. "Don't worry your Majesty, ugh, huhuh, we'll keep Sora in check too." Goofy chuckled. The three of them creeped through the doors and were lost to sight. 15 minutes later, Axel walks out of the doors, unsuspecting. Minnie espies him and quickly puts on the King's Organizaion cloak; what she didn't know was that Axel has one of the keenest eyes in the Organization, "Hey! How did you get out here, your Majesty?!" Minnie was startled and jumped at the sound of his voice. Axel took out his weapon of flames and struck Minnie several times, knocking her flat. He turned her over and let loose a gasp of shock, "The Queen?!?! What do you think you're doing here?!?! The Queen struggled helplessly as she was pulled upright. Axel murmurered under his breath, "Excellent...huhuh"


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