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King Mickey and the Organization Part 6

Fan fiction by ILoveKingMickey posted over a year ago
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Queen Minnie
As seen in Part 5...

Donald and Goofy opened the door to the Gummi ship and leapt inside.
"All systems check," Goofy cried.
"Ready for take off, in 5...4...3...2...," Donald yelled and the Gummi ship blasted into a worm hole without a sound. Donald checked the gauges and shouted, "First stop, Hollow Bastion!"

. . .

Sora watched as his friends distantly flew off; a gust of smoke guttering out of the Gummi ship as they were lost to sight. King Mickey gesticulated with his arm, "Don't worry Sora, they'll be back before you even know it." Sora nodded, "I hope so..." The King motioned for them to continue with their mission, "The main gate would be risky as an entrance, so we'll survey the perimeter until we can find a better way in."
The King dashed off and Sora quickly followed.

. . .

Xemnas looked out into the empty void which surrounded his beloved castle. Axel strode in like a wraith, "How do you know that thing works?" Xemnas took hold of both handles and aimed out the window. Sighting along the line, he shot out and the turquoise beam flew out into the starry night, "Does that answer your question, Axel? By the way, before you leave, go talk to the Queen and see if you can gain any information about the King." He said.
Axel shrugged with indifferance and walked down the stairs. He walked down a few corridors and descended numerous flights of steps until he came to stand in the dungeons of the castle.
The Queen was sulking in the corner, and when she heard someone coming she turned around to face the wall. Axel walked up to the bars of the cell, "A bit cold down here, don't you think, Your Highness?"
Anger had been boiling up inside of her, and she was about to vent it out on him, if he didn't leave immediately. He just crossed his arms and smiled mischievously, "A lucky find - you were, and to think that I thought you were the King... Lucky you weren't or else we wouldn't have the advantage of this insane battle." Her hands were balled up into fists and she was slightly shaking. Axel noticed this and decided to wheedle her even more, "You know, we don't have to fight at all. I bet you miss Mickey, don't you? You miss your husband. Well, I could take you to him if you want. All you need to do is tell me what some of his weaknesses are, and I'll take you right out to him. He's outside at this very moment, waiting... Just waiting." Minnie didn't let one shadow of doubt enter her mind. She knew that Mickey and the rest would devise some plan of rescue attempt. She narrowed her eyes at him, venomously, "I'll never betray Mickey like that, and if you think that I will, you must have a screw loose in that jumbo-sized head of yours. I'll never talk." He scowled, but decided to try at another angle. He held forth his hand and a juicy red apple appeared in black mist, right in the palm of his hand; hunger was the best tongue-loosener, "I bet you are hungry. Boy, does this apple look tasty and ripe. I'll give it to you, if you'll just tell one teensy-weensy little scrap of information about what Mickey can do and cannot do."
Minnie hadn't eaten in a while, but she dared not look at the apple. Instead she shook her head in ignoration and snuggled deeper into the corner. Axel grimaced and threw the apple into the far side of the room. It disintegrated like as if it was hundreds of years old, black and musty. He knew he mustn't let his anger get to him, but instead he advanced up the stairs with a dire threat, "If not today, then tomorrow, mouse! You'll talk sooner or later, they all do!" And with that he was gone. Minnie jutted her lower lip out and her eyes shook with emotion. Alone and dispirited, the Queen of Disney castle wept mournfully.

. . .

Mickey and Sora were on the east side of the castle. Having already seen the other three sides, they surveyed the last wall. Mickey was first to see the iron handle that secured itself to the floor, which was on every side of the castle. It was round and rusted due to heavy rainfall which occurred frequently. It was locked, and Mickey was about to liberate it, when in the window he saw Axel emerge from a stairway below. Mickey threw himself flat, and motioned Sora to stay where he was. Axel looked left in right, and then put his hood up to hide his face. Afterwards, he turned the corner and was lost to sight. Mickey sighed in relief, and stood back up,
"I wonder where that leads..." Sora sauntered over and peered at it with the utmost curiosity, "Maybe it leads into some lower chamber, like the others."
Mickey unlocked it with his keyblade eagerly "Maybe this one leads to my wife!" He threw open the small square door and looked downward. It was black and not much could be seen. Mickey took a small pebble and cast it downward. It did not take very long for it to hit the ground. Mickey stooped over the entrance, "Sora, I need someone on the outside, so stay here. I won't be long at all; you can count on me. If I don't come back in less than five minutes, then you'll know something isn't right. I doubt that that'll happen though." Sora nodded and Mickey dropped into the opening.

. . .

The King let his eyes adjust to his new surroundings. Looking about, he saw just a plain stone room with no furniture. He saw some stairs and made his way over to them. Once ascended, he looked through the keyhole in the door to make sure nobody was there. Looking across the aisle, he saw the room Axel emerged from a moment ago. Opening the door and closing it, silently, he made his way to the second flight of steps. Minnie heard someone coming back down to her chamber - maybe Axel, she thought. Putting on the hood, she lay down so that she was unnoticeable in the dark. Mickey looked about, in hope that he might find out what Axel was up to. He saw nothing at first, except some small cages, like the one he was held in. Looking closer he saw a small black huddle in the corner of one cell. Creeping closer, to get a better look, he noticed it was small and moving slightly. Mickey stopped and whispered, "Hello? Who are you?" Minnie recognized the voice at once, which was so familiar to her in her dreams. Turning about suddenly, she stood up and dusted herself off in a hurry, "Mickey! Oh Mickey! It's you! I was so frightened, I...I..."
Mickey smiled, broadly and put a finger to his lips as he whispered, "Shh... Minnie. I'm so glad to see you! I'm so sorry for everything." He summoned his keyblade and with one swipe - severed the control panel in half and the shield that held Minnie captive, failed. She threw her arms around him in sheer joy and Mickey did likewise; closing their eyes and hugging each other for a long moment. Then, they both let go and Mickey whispered to her, in a hushed tone, "Listen, Sora is outside and we need to get back to him. I sent Donald and Goofy off in the Gummi Ship to bring more help. They'll be arriving shortly. There is a small wickergate door in the ceiling that we can go through. Come on!"

. . .

Sora stood tapping his foot in irritation, "Ugh! Where could he be?" He rambled on to himself, "I hope he found the Queen. Maybe I should... No, no, the King needs me out here."
Just then Mickey jumped up out of the small opening and hauled Minnie up in one swift movement. Sora's eyes opened wide and he beamed with happiness, "Your Majesty! You're all right!" He gave her a high-five and then turned to Mickey, "What happened in there? How come you took so long? Were you noticed?" Mickey looked back up at him, "Naw, me? Noticed? You have to have more confidence in me, Sora." Sora rubbed the back of his head, "Right, sorry. I guess we should go back to the courtyard and wait until they come back, huh?" Mickey and Minnie nodded and they both whisked off with renewed hope.

. . .

Axel returned to Xemnas and made his report, "I went down to the Queen's cell, like you ordered." Xemnas made no comment, so Axel continued, "I tried to get the info off of her about the King, but she was as tight-lipped as a mussel on the beach at high tide. There's no way that she'll talk. I saw it and heard it with my own eyes and ears." Xemnas turned around and his eyes were alight with acrimony, "Yes, she will talk Axel, and you will make sure of that. Whether it be with threats, starvation, or even torture, (yes I don't care if she's a girl) you will get that mouse to talk!"
Axel had never seen Xemnas speak so loud and indignantly. He backed out of the room, arms raised, "Okay, okay... I'll try again, O High and Mighty Ruler. Sheesh..." Axel met the bottom of the stairs, on his way to see the Queen again when Larxene suddenly appeared - leaning against the facade, "Wow, you just got told off... Bad... What did he say, exactly?" Axel huffed and kept walking, "Would you like to go and ask him?" Larxene just watched in silence and then turned her head away, because she knew - without a doubt - that Xemnas is very dangerous when one of his mood swings took effect.

. . .

Minnie sat, eating a rosy apple, as she explained what took place in the castle, "I was in the cell for less than a night, thanks to you," she smiled sweetly, "While I was down there, you must know that the place was very empty and vacant, except for me. Axel had visited me and, at first, I thought that he just wanted to taunt me. He did a little bit, but mostly he wanted to know about you, Mickey." Mickey looked at her in disbelief, "Me? Why did he want to know about me?"
Minnie took another bite and swallowed in a hurry, "He wanted to know your weaknesses - so as to know how you can be beaten in battle. Maybe Xemnas gave him those orders. I don't know. He tried coaxing me with food and false promises of him saying he'd take me to you. Of course, I didn't say anything. I knew you would rescue me, eventually."
Sora smiled in appreciation, "You did well, Your Highness. Is there anything else you heard?"
The Queen looked forlornly at the floor. She played with the tip of the Organization cloak, distractedly - wrapping it around her finger over and over. Then, she took it off and handed it to the King, "Here, you take this. I don't want to be mistaken for being you again. Besides, I miss looking down and seeing my beautiful dress flowing out," she said gently.
She looked back at Sora, "Yes... I'm afraid that I did hear something else... And you are not going to like this, but..." Sora consented, "Go on." She looked at the ground, "I heard some passing members as they were walking by, up above. They talked of some machine, called the Reclaimer. They said that it was meant to remove hearts from the kingdom itself, but Xemnas has other plans for it. You, Riku, and the King's hearts are in grave danger," she said in a shaky voice, "He plans to use the Reclaimer to take your hearts so that he can gain access to one source, and one source only... Kingdom Hearts!"
The King and Sora looked at each other. Mickey looked back and Minnie and Sora stared at the King, "What are we going to do now!?"


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