Sora's eyes grew wide with fear. The mysterious girl's eyes became a deep shade of black and dark purple veins jutted out from beneath them.

"What do you think you're do-Oh no," her fangs retracted and her face returned to normal as she gasped and slowly realized her mistake. She quickly got up and sat down a few feet away from Sora.

Sora started to get up himself, only to feel the small shots of pain emmiting from his wrists as he realized that the strange girl had left obvious marks on them and they were already forming bruises.

"Sorry about that," she murmured, already seeming to blush.

"It's alright. This happens all the time," Sora started to rub his wrists. "What happened to you? When I found you, you were covered in complete darkness."

"It's a long story. But let's just say that I got in trouble with having to fight off the darkness by myself and then my world ended up getting devoured. Then, I somehow ended up here for some reason. Usually, I hear that a lot of people end up in a place called Traverse Town, I think," she quickly glanced at his wrists." You know I can heal that for you."

"Really? You know magic?" he questioned, surprised.

"Of course. My mom was a sorceress, so she decided to teach me a few key spells just in case if I ever got into trouble," she said, looking down, sadness in her eyes.

"Was she devoured by darkness?" Sora asked, hesitantly.

"Not really. She was more likely captured by this Group yet I don't remembered what they were called exactly," Her eyes started watering but she quickly recovered and focused on what she was going to do. "So do you want me to heal that or not?"

"Sure. It would help since I don't want to get my mom worried again," Sora scooted over to the girl where she hastily grabbed hold of Sora's wrists, in which he gave out a small yelp, and started to murmur a small healing spell.

"Although some wounds are profound and deep,
make them less sufferable and more upkeep."

A bright light shined around Sora's wrists and soon his skin was restored to it's natural skin color.

"Wow, you really do know magic," Sora said, marveling at his wrists. "Oh, and I'm Sora."
He extended his hand out to her.

"Hello, Sora. My name is Dawn," she said, taking his hand and shaking it. "Pleasure to meet and heal you."

"So, tell me, Dawn, what was with the fangs and pinning me about?" Sora questioned.

"I get pretty reactive when I'm provoked or touched," she answered. "And what about you? Are you one of those Keyblade Masters everyone's talking about?"

"Well, I'm not a keyblade master, but I am a keyblade wielder. There's a difference to that. And how do you know about Keyblades?" Sora said.

"I grew up in a place where all the talk was about Keyblades. Almost everyone had one, until-" a sudden noise made them turn their heads towards the sky. An orange aircraft started to descend by them on the shoreline. Dawn quickly hid, not knowing what it was but knowing enough to see that if she stood in its way, then she would be crushed and, if it was someone that she recognized, then her cover would be blown. Sora put his hand to his eyes to block out the rays of the sun to see a small mouse-like head appear out of the window of the hovercraft.

"King Mickey?"