Cute Heartless
A little heartless was wandering alone in his Heart. He was scared, mostly because a scary boy had tried to kill him with a Keyblade. His heart was long gone, Just an empty shell. He sat down on the black floor and pouted. Thinking about how he had gotten into this mess, He wondered how he was going to get OUT of this mess. As he was thinking, A little light came into his life. He didnt notice it at first. Then when the light was right Above him, He looked up. At first, he didnt know what it was. He looked a little closer, and he saw it was Light. He stood up, Wanting to touch the light. But whenever he tried to touch it, It moved a little farthur away. He chased it, it went farthur away. So he followed it. It went on for hours, trying to get That little light. The light was trying to get away from the heartless named Bob, And Bob the Heartless was trying to get it. The more he failed, The more angry he got. And then he got so angry he just squashed the little light with his hand. The whole place went dark again. He blinked,Then sighed, Then closed his eyes. And went to sleep.
Sora Heartless
Now thats a pic im keeping