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RocknRoxas13 posted on Sep 21, 2009 at 06:09AM
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over a year ago Krixssa said…
Name: Saxhra (Sox-hara)
Somebody: Sarah
Age: 19
Title: Mistress of Manipulation
Rank: 17
Quote: "All things happen for reasons, Sora. Just like now when you shall lose your heart!"
Power: Manipulation- She mostly uses Sora's precious and most dear memory to him, Kairi, to manipulate him. Therefore, she looks just like Kairi but in a dark version and a dark keyblade.
Weapon: Staff with nobody symbols at the bottom and top. Can to various attacks with it and causes TREMENDOUS damage to the opponent. When in her manipulation form (Kairi), wields dark keyblade with a mix of Vanitas' and Kairi's keyblade called "Final Remanent."
WInning Quote: "What? Can't afford to lose your precious Kairi?" -smirks in Kairi form-
Lost Quote: "N-no... how could you... Sora?" tries to act like Kairi with her voice before disappearing
Limit: "I WILL NOT LOSE TO A PATHETIC HEART OF A TRAITOR!" -spirals Sora and herself down to a new stage with all of Sora's memories and transforms into her original form w/her staff-
Eyes: Red Demonic Eyes Kairi's form- gold
Hair: Blond Kairi's form- Dark Red
Personality- Very outgoing and very loyal to her leader, Xemnas. She does, however, feel uneasy when the group talks about Kingdom Hearts and the plan to collect hearts. But she does not speak out against it. She's friends with Axel, Larxene (but only till she mentions to backstab the org.), Zexion, and Roxas.
Story: Her somebody, Sarah, appeared alongside with Ansem in BBS along with Ienzo and the others. She worked as a guard to prevent unverse entering the lab. She loved to help Ansem and looked up to him. As well, she met Aqua and the gang, even Xehanort and Vanitas. Plus, Kairi was one she found interesting. At the time, Sarah was nine but a few months later, she lost her heart to a Unversed in order to save Kairi. Now, she grows great hatred for Kairi but decided to use her as a type of trick to have Sora hand over the Keyblade, for she was his everything and world. On the top is her real form and the other post is her Dark Kairi form.

Name: Saxhra (Sox-hara)<br />
Somebody: Sarah <br />
Age: 19<br />
Title: Mistress of Manipulation<br
over a year ago Krixssa said…
This is Saxhra's DARK Kairi Form.
This is Saxhra's DARK Kairi Form.<br />
over a year ago Nalochsix said…
Name: Xordemo
Sombody's name: Dorome
Age: ???
Title: The Maw of Oblivion
Rank: 23
Power: He is a consumer of all things. Capable of anything from chopping through metal, to sucking up and returning magic. When he reaches peak hunger, he becomes enters The Devourer of Souls mode, where his gauntlets become a Keyblade, resembling a combination of a Butcher knife and a chainsaw, he also takes on a skinnier physique and moves faster.
Quote: "Don't run, little one's. It only makes me hungrier!"

Weapon: Mechanical guantlets, the fists have long since been replace by sets of gnashing jaws, resembling high tech bear traps.

Winning Quote: "Your heart, it looks positively Delicious!"
Losing Quote 1: "Do not worry little ones, you may have one this battle, but your scent cannot escape me. I will devour you yet" *escapes*

Losing Quote 2: "It seems your hunger for victory was greater then mine... *hobbles over to sora/riku/mickey* Glutton's Maw, will serve you well *hands over keyblade. Disappears*

Limit 1: "Your resistance, IT MAKES ME HUNGRY!"

Limit 2 (second fight): "(at peak hunger level 2) You... (demonic voice) YOU DARE DENY ME, MY FEAST"

Eyes: Green

Hair: Dark Green

Personality: Untrusted by all who know him. He is willing to bite the hand that feeds... so long as he can feed. Unlike some Organization members, he is known to show no remorse or fear in a fight, Members describe his emotion in a simple word, hungry. Outside of combat he tends to lurk about. he can be hear murmuring about Xehonort, his lack of age suggests that he wasn't normal even when he was a somebody.

History: Not much is known about Xordemo, he isn't the type that one could have an educated conversation with. However Xehonort, Xemnes, and Xigbar are well aware of how Xordemo came to be. Once an educated man, respected for his knowledge of the Keyblade, Dorome lived a good life. However he had a massive flaw that many other masters warned him about. They called it the hunger. It was a type of darkness that many feared. This did not worry Dorome, he was confident in his abilities, he had combated darkness for many years now. However, his knowledge was not enough when the keyblade wars occured. He fought and fought and fought,never tiring and managed to survive somehow. But surviving came at a great cost, for when the wars were over, Dorome no longer felt like himself. He felt empty, no food or drink could satiate the hunger he felt. He sought the advice of another survivor... Xehonort. Xehonort told him of the power "The Hunger" possessed, it could cure him of his emptiness. But Dorome refused, many times in fact. However his strength soon evaporated and he crawled back to Xehonort asking how he could unleash "The Hunger". Xehonort took him to the Keyblade Graveyard, where Dorome began massacring survivors of the Keyblade wars, consuming both there hearts and keyblades. Not long after this did "The Hunger" consumed what was left of Dorome's heart. Eventually Xehonort came to the aide of the Nobody, dubbing him Xordemo. In one of Xehonort's reports, he states that "Even now, as i right this, i fear that he will realize his power. I fear that that beast will consume me, just like he has so many others." After his defeat at the hands of Sora, Riku, and Mickey, he disappears. Later on he returns, his defeat allowed him to see through "The Hunger" soon enabling him to control it. He starts refering to himself as Dorome again, and he wields a new keyblade, one he calls "Gluttony's Repent". However, his motivations are uncertain, for he also converses with himself, using both his Nobody, and Somebody's names.
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over a year ago Orgy13 said…
Somebody name:Nero
Title:The Secretive Killer
Weapon:Dagger, Darkness, illusion , Imitation of appearance
Quote:Remember Me, Sora?*as anti-sora*
Battle Start:You don't stand a chance!
Defeat:But......How......? Very Well......You have made a bad enemy today.....*drops dagger and escapes*
Appearance: Grey hair *like Roxas's, Colorless eyes, scar underneath eyes
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over a year ago shadow3452 said…
name: shadow
nobodys name: suji
title:dragon weider and assassin
rank: 90
power: can wield any weapon he chosses and his main weapon is a gun blade. also can use the power of darkness and can transform him self into anyone he chooses.
name: shadow
<br />
nobodys name: suji
<br />
title:dragon weider and assassin
<br />
rank: 90
<br />
over a year ago Chiko775 said…

Somebody's Name:Amber

Title:"The silent assassin of Keyblade and chakrams wielder."


Power:can wield the Keyblade and use fire chakrams like Axel...

Personality:She is outgoing and helpful for her friends,Axel and Roxas.

Appearance:Wears a navy blue top with half of her stomach showing.She wears girl baggy shorts.Her hair is a nutmeg color and her are are turquoise.

Weapon(s):Keyblade and two chakrams.

Bio:Lynx was friends with Axel and Roxas once she joined the Organization.She's a bit of a tomboy and has a crush on both of the boys.
over a year ago xation said…
How do i make my own?
over a year ago shadow3452 said…
Name: Xeton
sombodies name: masaomi
title: Dual blade weilder. also knows how to use multiple different weapons.
Rank: 666
power: fire, electricity, and darkness
The loneliest of all the warriors of the organization and never associates with any of the members but goes off on his own alot.Does not give a crap about anything.
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over a year ago shadow3452 said…
This is Shadows friend who made the last one! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE I AM THE DARKEST SOUL IN THIS WORLD!
over a year ago Gamehot2 said…
Nobody name: Ayamx

Original name: Maya

Gender: Female

Age: Appears 14(Real age unknown)
Title: Innocent Siren

Rank: 0

Power: Control and manipulation of sound waves. She controls others through their senses with this power also using this to mess with her opponents hearing and perception this gives her the ability to cast mental illusions to her enemy as well. It also allows her to pressurize sound around her into shock waves able to tear off flesh and bone if hit at close range. Her speed breaks the sound barrier.

Weapon: Monomolecular wires that’s she wields with special gloves and her singing voice.

Personality/Story: Unlike the others she receives her orders directly from Xemnes; doing assassination missions for those who have seen organization members in different worlds or for those who are on to their plans. If she could she wouldn't fight at all but she always follows orders down to the letter. She is quiet shy, aloof and rarly speaks. She doesn’t have any friends in organization except Luxord and Demyx. She opens up to Luxord as a bubbly and humorous girl. He was like her big brother she always like playing him in cards and she would come to him for advice. And she used to joke around with Demyx and often did a duet she sung while he played his sitar and write songs together. They both promised each other after they get their hearts they would start a band.

Origin: She cant remember her past but her right eye is a hollow socket maybe that has a connection to who she was.

Winning Quote: “My next song will be in your honor.”

Losing Quote: “I really wanted to start that band.”

Limit Quote: “Shall I sing you a song in Hell?”

Apperance: (Her writing a song.)
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Nobody name: Ayamx<br />
<br />
Original name: Maya<br />
<br />
Gender: Female<br />
<br />
Age: App
over a year ago thelaneylo said…
heres mine

Sombody's name: nana
Title: heartless princess
Power: summon any kind of heartless
weapon: keyblade
over a year ago puppylove98162 said…
Name: Xaron
Somebody name: Nora
Rank: 15
Element: Can use 4 elements of nature + darkness
Weapon: drumsticks that transform into keyblades when needed
Title: Innocent Storm
Appearance: Curly strawberry blonde hair, forest green eyes, and very pale skin
Personality: innocent, smart(IQ 256), will do anything to help a friend in need, shy, doesn't speak much

cool isn't it?
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Nobody Name: Xantal

Somebody name: Natal


Power: Can materialize berserker swords anywhere and control them without holding them.

Weapon: Berserker swords

Title: Forgotten swordsman

Appearence: *refer to picture*

Personality: Derpy, clumsly fights by stumbling and tripping over his coat, he is a fanboy at heart but tries to hide it. When angered he goes into a berserk stage where his senses are amplified and he gains balance improving his swordsmanship.

Moves:Dance of a thousand blades; a thousand swords are summoned all over the battlefield and shoot out at the enemy, these can be grabbed and used only by the user.

Swordsman's vortex: Swords are summoned around the user and he rushes at the enemy spinning rapidly making it hard to block.

Greeting to Sora: Hey! Aren't you a keyblade wielder?!

Losing: Don't be so mean!

Lost: I thought i could win... i was wrong..

Win: Never challenge a swordsman!

Nobody Name: Xantal<br />
<br />
Somebody name: Natal<br />
<br />
Rank:21<br />
<br />
Power: Can ma
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
these are the berserker blades
these are the berserker blades
over a year ago Fade_away said…
name: jallax
Sombody's name: jamall
Rank: xix
Weapon :hidden chain key blade (axe like keyblade that can extend outward by a chain), sheald cannon
Powers: can clone himself, weaves wings out of darkness, can create a labrinth of portals, can transform into a ball of darkness, telekinesis
Limit: summon several clones and slashes at target and knocks him/her into the air and does his flaming rocket zantetzuken
Final limit: extends his and his clones wings and flys into the air, he then fires several bullets at the target following up to his flaming skyrocket zantetzuken.
Title: the bird of darkness
Friends: number xx lexyk
Story: jallax is smart, strange, and unlucky. But very powerful. He and his freind lexyk are part of a profocy that goes (one is the tool, the other functions as a catalist. When the two join together they shall join with the light and destroy the darkness. But if darkness is born in ones heart, they shall become true darkness and desroy everything.
Appearance: african american, orange hair, black eyes
Species: half nobody half heartless half sombody.
Losing phrase: tsk...damit
Wining phrase: you lack the sufficiant inelect to defeat me
over a year ago brekitty said…
Name:BREXAN Somebodies Name:Breanna Title:Fire assasian Power:FIRE profile:A wise girl who says surpisingly little about herself for all the talking she does.She can only rember what it was like to feel but yet not many memories.If you ask her a queston she will tell you then say GOT IT MEMORIZED?Many are scared of her temper although the thing you sould be really scared of is her deadly fire that she calls from her chackrams.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…

So basically just female Axel? :P
over a year ago mofosixtehfo said…
Title:Psychotic Blade
Weapon:lashblade (sword that is used like a whip)
Appearance:jet black hair,red eyes with slitted pupils, red jacket, black sweatpants, always wearing a crazy grin
Personality:sadistic, murders anyone who gets in his way, when angry, becomes a demonlike spirit
over a year ago zexionsheart903 said…
heres mine:
name: Rixen
original name: Enri
title: the anti-hero of darkness
power: I can controll water and minipulate peoples minds, by using voodoo dolls.
weapon: blade spear. (an indistructible metal spear with huge blades on each end.
appearence: short aqua blue hair. tall, pale skin, thin with a crazed look in my eyes.
eye colour:purple.
personallity: quiet. i usally draw everything. but i mostly play with water, making and moving shapes in the air that are made of water (water horse) when angry, i can turn myself into a werewolf of myself.( this can be dangerouse because sometimes i cant change back so its two much for me and i can die)
rank: 15
over a year ago mutanthunter said…
Name: ??
Sombody's name: ??
Title: dark hunter
Rank: ??
Power/Weapons: his power is to see into people's hearts and feed the darkness inside of them and when that inset working he uses 2 double sided swords that are extremely heavy and seem unsuitable to a normal person let alone swinging them around in one hand.
Bio: one day he just showed up no one seemed to know where he came from but after a week or so he started to ask for missions and after a month or so they sent him off on one that would take months or so they hoped so he came back after 3 days with the heads of 10 men he had killed since then he has been taking the most difficult missions they have ever given out but whenever he is asked a question about how he is so quick or his personal life they find a blade to there neck.
over a year ago axellover1234 said…
Name: saxa
Sombody's name: sara
Title: the sun warrior of light
Rank: 16
Power: sun fire and light
over a year ago nexeus said…
nobody name: Riaxe
human name: Irae
Title: The Restless Creator
Abilities: the power of darkness and creation
Weapons: 6 swords(2 in his hands the others floating)
Bonds: Vexen, Riaxe helps Vexen with experiments
Eyes: very dark blue
Coat: unzipped all the way and is like Xigbar's coat usually seen with hood on
Personalty: Very interested in heartless and nobodies, he is very insane when in battle,loves his work,created the failed experiment the nothings(heartless and nobodies unsuccessfully fused) and secretly a nothing
Plan: wants to create his nothing version of Omega and kill the other organization 13 members so he can turn them and everyone into nothings so he can control them
Hair: like Xemnas's hair but longer
Bio: a scientist with a bad past, he became what he is now because of the nothings, his first one, he was willing to create a human by fusing a heartless and a nobody when it went wrong he was amazed on what he created but it attacked him and stole his heart and now he is what he is
First Limit: floats in the air while shooting the swords at his opponents
Second Limit: goes insane by making the swords spin around him while he travels at high speed then for a final blow he jumps in the air and slams in to the ground making a dark wave
Final Limit: (he fuses with Omega to do this limit): he starts flying around and then saying''power needs nothing!''after he says that he will turn clear and goes off the battle field and then he will shoot beams of energy at his opponent(he will shoot 5 beams 5 times), then charges a ball of energy and shoots it at the field thus making the entire field engulfed in the wave
(hope you like my nobody/nothing)
over a year ago Bugtennyson said…
Name: Anti Bug Tennyson
Title: Darkness of Hearts
Nobody's name: Bug Tennyson
Rank: Region Destroyers backup secret weapon and organisation 13's special weapon
Appearence: A Weevil like creature who had the oppisite colors as his living self Bug Tennyson. White Antennas, white head, yellow eyes, white arms and feet.
Level: 99
Hp: 9,999
Atk: Unknown
Defence: Unkown
World:Negitive SF Region and Region That Never Was
Personality: Evil and is eger to kill his somebody, Bug Tennyson to become real and wanting to rule the SF Region which is Bug Tennyson's home world with his leader Metagon ruler of the Region Destroyers
Weapon: Invertional Onikage © Sword Fusion and me!
1. Invertion Electric Slicer
2. Decaslash
3. Koas of the world's end
4. Socalation Of the Fith Deminsion
Name and status Copyright © 2012 Bugtennyson and Sword Fusion! All rights reserved!

over a year ago AngelUchihaNeko said…
Somebody's Name:Jinny(weird name I know :-P)
Title:The dark Mermaid
Weapon:Two Katana (They are coming out of a cross necklace which looks like the necklaces which some Catholics are wearing)
Appearance:Blue long hair which bangs are hanging above her left eye,sea blue eyes,the Organization
XIII-Outfit but with really short black jeans and wedged boots
Powers:Water and another liquids
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over a year ago Nairdax said…
name: adrian

nobody: nairdax

tittle: the dark death king

rank: number I

power: the darkness

keyblade name: dead memories (made my own)

limit: it come's to a little movie piece and while that happens
he do how fast he can to hold he's hand on the face of his enemys. <(>w<)>