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RocknRoxas13 posted on Sep 21, 2009 at 06:09AM
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over a year ago RocknRoxas13 said…
Here's mine
Sombody's name:Hikari
Title:The Deadly Shadow
over a year ago khbn said…
somebodys name: Kage (shadow)
title: unknown assisin (Destroys oppnints with out them even knowing
rank: 99 (Is that even an rank?)
Power: Shadows
over a year ago RocknRoxas13 said…
Also add apperance,eye color,hair color,kind of powers, wouldn't lets me add more
over a year ago khaoslucario said…
Nobodies name:Lilxhak
Title:The Chaotic Machine
Weapon:Claw Gauntlet/Claw Gloves
Organization Number:22
over a year ago RocknRoxas13 said…
Rank=organization number
over a year ago zacmilligan said…
This is what my nobody would be...
Name: Zac
Nobody's Name: Caxz
Title: The Energy Feild
Power: Energy
Weapon: Double Edge Sword called Scryo (Sky-Row)
Eye Color: A very light green
Hair Color: Black base and roots but white highlights and hair is messy and a little bit longer than Luxords.
Rank: XVI
Age: 16
Apperance: Black Hoodie, blue jeans, and physical apperace above^
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over a year ago Xigbar27 said…
Somebody's name: Razuvious
Title: Silent Stabber
Weapon: Twin Daggers
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brown
Power: Sound
over a year ago xonisigo said…
Somebodys name:Razanorth
Title:The Dark Fire
Weapons:A sword and a revolvor
Eye colour:White
Hair colour:Black
Power:Pain and darkness
over a year ago khfan12 said…
Here's mine!
Somebodys name: Lina
Title: The graceful nightmare
Weapons: A Katana and black sword
Eye color: Red
Hair color: Purple
Power: Water and Telekinesis
Rank: 20
Here's mine!
<br />
<br />
Somebodys name: Lina
<br />
Title: The graceful nightmare
<br />
over a year ago aznboy23ify said…
Name: Vong
Nobody's Name: Kenji
Heartless's Name: Obito
Title: Eternal Shadow
Rank: XXI
Power: Swift Attacks and Summons Nobodies & Heartlesses
Eyes: Blue Eyes
Hair: Long Bangs covering one eye
Bio: Vong was a 11 year old kid, but during one night he was kidnapped and was being held by the Organization XIII. While being held Vong's Nobody appeared and also his Heartless. Its been 4 years since his kidnapped and his two forms are fighting each other for who is the strongest in the world.

over a year ago ennaatheart said…
Nobody's Name:Paisha
Title:Darkess Reflector
Weapon: Twin blades with reflective surfaces.
Rank: IXII
Power:Congures exact refections of the opponent and Telekinesis
Eyes: Reflective
Hair: Blue-black shoulder length hair with purple streaks and long bangs over one eye

Nobody's eyes: pitch black, no refection of light.

over a year ago RoxasDeity123 said…
just a thought but the only dif between a nobody and its somebody's name is an x and scrambled words like Sora and Roxas see juat some ppl didnt do that is all sorry im picky XD
Somebody's Name: Foran (his nobody was klled many years ago O.o)
Title:Black Sun
Weapon: Bolster Blade (a wide claymore with dark energy arouund it)
Rank:0 (negative energy so low is considered to be darker than rank I)
Power: Black Fire bolts
Eyes: Black
Hair:Dark Brown and Black (like an inbetween)
over a year ago thestoicwarrior said…
Sombody's name:karage
Title:the rising blue sun
Power: wind,light,and darkness
eye color:green
hiar:light brown
weapon:the chain of memories(custom made keyblade)
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over a year ago Milesprowerfan said…
Here's mine! Why are we doing this?

Name: Xena
Sombody's name: Epsilon
Title: Scarlet Assassin
Power: Controls and manipulates Light, immune to DARK attacks, and can read minds.
Weapons: Knives/daggers that are modeled after Larxene's, but customized to be used to pierce darkness and hypnotize her victims!
Eye color: Green
Hair color: short white with a hint of red
Hero or villain: Neither. Whichever one pays the best.
Backstory: We don't even know when Lady Epsilon -an aristocratic elf with unnatural powers- joined Organization XIII under the name of Xena. She's just, well, secretive about her past, and always on the lookout for a lover or two. She's especially good at tricking men into doing her bidding and playing around with holographic images she creates with light.
Here's mine! Why are we doing this?
<br />

<br />
Name: Xena 
<br />
Sombody's name: Epsilon
<br />
over a year ago ennaatheart said…
Because we feel like it! Oh, I ment to say "Somebody" not "Nobody"
on mine (My name is Fiexa!)
over a year ago TheRose said…
big smile
Hehe it's funny because none of the name go with the rules of the organization to where you have to have an X somewhere randomly in your name. But the character made by people are still pretty cool.
over a year ago hiddennobodie said…
Here's my Character. I am showing you my Character's True Name and then his Nobody. Hope you like it:)

Name: Charlie
Age: 19
Hair: long light-brown(looks like Riku's)
Eye Color:light blue
Appearance/Clothing: black T-shirt with loose jeans and black boots and wears his father's dogtags

Charlie's Story:
Charlie was born into a world with islands called "Freedom Island". He and his best friends Ron and Mary went to the island to get away from their normal lives and just act like teenagers. They planned one day to just run away and find other worlds.
Later that night, he sees the island from his living room and saw a storm started brewing. When he got to the island a bunch of Shadow Heartless appears. When he got to the boat that he and his friends made, Ron was surrounded by darkness as Charlie ran up and reaches for him. He disappears. Then the wind started to blow harder. When the winds became too much, he lets go of a piece of building and flies up to the air. Then everything went black.

Charlie's Nobody: Hexcilar(Hex-sigh-lar) but everyone calls him Hex for short.
Title: The Forgotten Shadow
Rank: 19
Weapon: The Forgotten Witchblade-A silver wristband with a black stone found in "The Land of the Forgotten Shadows"
The Forgotten Keyblade-forms from the witchblade
Powers: Air and Telekinesis
Hair: short shaggy light brown(almost like Roxas but shorter)
Eye Color: blue
Appearance/Clothing: black hoodie, blue cargo pants, black sneakers and has the Roman numbral of 19 on his right wrist
Personality: He is very protective around girls, even with the stonger ones. Loves to listen to music. And he easy to get along.

Hexcilar's Story:
Hexcilar lived in Twilight Town while he and Roxas was recovering their memories. When Roxas disappears, Hexcilar starts having dreams about a storm at night on an island and then being a member of the Organization. Then he starts to judge what Organization XIII was doing was either right or wrong.
Then he went to the old mansion and there he found out that the boy that he always dreamed about was someone named "Charlie". He then heard that Xemnas was planning to get rid of him.
So his trust with some members of Organization XIII is thin. And he became one of the Nobodies that help Sora, Donald, and Goofy to get to "The World that Never Was". He uses his witchblade to control his Telekinetic powers. When he feels threated he will do anything to surive.

Limit: Waves of Air
Hexcilar's witchblade will light up and lets him use the air around him and make what seems to be air moving like water. It will knock the opponent off the ground and then Hexcilar uses his witchblade to make armor on his right arm as he jumps up and hits his opponent and gives alot of damage.

(This is a picture of me and my little cousin Rikki.I am the guy that is leaning on the wall)
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Here's my Character. I am showing you my Character's True Name and then his Nobody. Hope you like it:
over a year ago Strawhat said…
Mine is a bit different as my Member has two forms to him...Two Sides

My Real Name: Ersalan
Nobody's name: Raslexan
Title: The Shining Shadow
Rank: XIII
Power: Light-Time...He can use the Powers of Light and Stop time for a short period...This seemingly gives him the power to move at the speed of light as he can stop and start time. He can use different lighting situations and manipulate the light in your eyes to mainpulate what you see...blurring the line btweenillusion and reality.
Limit Break:He can for a SHot while become Untouachble as any attacks or magic will Pass through him...He moves at blinding speeds and his Attack power increases 10 fold.
Weapons: Keyblade...His Keybaldes are attached to Chains on both SIdes...The Keyblades never leave the chains even when in Battle as they Extend and Contract at will.
Eye color: Dark Blue
Hair: Shortis, Same style as Roxas and Brownish Blonde
Story: Raslexan is a Nobody who unwillingly joined the Orginzation, He now is content with his position in life. He has considerable knowledge of his Somebody but is not too intrigued by him or Xemnas's plans to get hearts for the Orginization. He feels he is better off. For a short while he can only wield one Keyblade but later learns to Wield 2. He is Very Laid Back,

His Dark Side and Alter Ego-

Real Name: Ersalan
Nobody's name: Xlanares
Title: The Dark Secret
Rank: XIII-2
Power: Darkness-Space...He uses Darkness and can move almost at the speed of light by teleporting and distorting The Space around him...
Limit Break. He begins spinning the 2 Keyblades ( Like Hollow Ichigo does with his Zanpaktou) But he is disguisng what he really is Doing...He is stalling to charge up enerygy for his limit break...This is his Limit breaks Weakness. If he is stopped before he can fully charge than he must abort.
Weapons: Keyblade
Eye color: Red
Hair: Is is spkied up, It is like axels hair style only that it is not as long as Axels and it is black.
Story: Xlanares is the Darknes that slept within Raslenxen...He was awakened when Raslexen was in a near death situtation...He at first was a Badasssaviour butlater shows his true intentions. To gain enough strength to become his own being and seperate from Raslexen. He is Alot like Grimmjow ( Bleach) , Calm , has a wide smerk on his face most of the time.
over a year ago skunkfan1 said…
Sombodys Name:Kaniamore
Title:The Sly Slicer
Weapon:Razor Sword
Eye Color:Midnight Blue
Hair:Like Roaxa's But Black
Power(S):Fire And Cosmic
over a year ago Axsonj said…
well everyone else has done it i might as well
Name: Axsonj (Ax-son-j just in case u didnt no how to say it)(yes i no thats my username)
Sombody's name:Jason (i like to inculde my name in these kinda of things)
Title:Nature's Messager
Rank:16 (idk how many members there has been im new :D)
Power:controls earth and can shapeshift
Bonds:Friends with Zexion and Vexen, hangs around Larxene alot too (doesnt rly get along with the others idk y)
Weapons: Two long blade swords (likes to c the pain in his victim's eyes)
Eye Colour: Dark Irish Green (prehaps its cuz he controls earth idk)
Hair: just kept flat and short (he's not that big about spiky hair like roxas's or axel's)
Clothes: the normal black cloak
Likes: to be left alone
Dislikes: annoying people
Story: he doesnt talk much so we dont know his story but we do know he knows the keyblade very well(hint hint)
over a year ago XHeartlessX said…
Name:Ryux (ri-uks how to prounounce)

Somebodys name:Tachi



Power:Able to take powers from anyone he faces and keeps it.Powers so far mulitiply,teleporting,shapeshifting,turn into black deadly mist,Super strength.

Weapon:Katana able to attack foes with out someone holding it,and can change sizes up to a million miles name of weapon (Soul eater)

eye:color:pure white


Clothes:Black cloak,black bandages covers face.

Likes:fighting,challenges,stealing powers,music.

Dislikes:people that beat him(hasn't hapened yet),talkitive people,Weaklings,sailing,fruits,vegetables­.

Story:hanging out with his friends after school when heartlesses appeared and devoured him and now he swears vengence on who ever created heartlesses.

Limit:Can sometimes awaken his somebody for a short time and do a double full blow atack(trying to get it so his sombody will stay with him forever)

Moral type: He is neither good nor evil, he does want ever he must do to reach his goal
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over a year ago hellgirl223 said…
Name: Vexelyn (I have no creativity xD)
Sombody's name: Evelyn
Title: Nature's Charm
Rank: XV
Power: Nature Element

And that is for the real me xD For the character I created ...

Name: ---
Somebody's Name: Amber
Title: Twilight's Light
Rank: XV
Power: Light & Darkness (doesn't mean she's superbly amazingly strong like Xemnas xD)

Someone help me come up with a name xD

I actually drew here and designed her character and personality a few months ago :D Still thinking of a Japanese name for her though :/ Like her name, her eyes are amber coloured :)
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over a year ago memorytaker13 said…
some of you people need to know this O13 members all have X's in their name example: Ansem=Xemnas Sora=Roxas
over a year ago omgomg777 said…
Name: Vexas
Nobody's Name: xomon
Title: Light and Darkness weilder
Rank: Unkown
Power: Space
over a year ago Silent357 said…
If nobody minds, I got one...
Name: Jax
Original Name: A.J. (Yep... initials)
Title: The Slumbering Disciple
Power: Sleep (He can cause his opponents to fall asleep and heals himself when he's asleep and can defend himself to a certain degree while doing so.)
Weapon: Nunchaku
Appearance: Tall and thin with black messy hair. Pale, with black circles under his eyes. Eye color dark green.
Personality: Usually asleep so he doesn't talk to much. He's only really awake when he's fighting, and then he falls asleep in the middle of the fight if he gets to bored with the opponent. Due to the fact he's almost always asleep, not much else is known about him.
Rank: XXIV
Limit: He falls asleep and attacks wildly in a trance.