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Kiowa Gordon's "Into The Darkness" Begins Filming In August, More Cast Additions Soon Expected

Opinion by nicidaki posted over a year ago
fan of it?
New "Into The Darkness" cast member Kayla Perkins and producer/writer, Jade Moser at Nashville's hotspot Whiskey kitchen
A new update was recently announced for Kiowa Gordon's newest film, "Into the Darkness". Sources say filming will begin in August 2010 in Middle Tennessee and new additions to the cast are expected. Very awesome news! There is said to be five lead/supporting roles left to cast. Which also means casting for extras will soon happen! Maybe you and the rest of us "fans" will have a chance to be in the film. You never know. Who would you like to see in "Into The Darkness"?

Right now the cast includes Kiowa Gordon, Jessica Andres, Louis Mandylor, Russ Russo, Wolfgang Weber, Anna Enger, Dalal Bruchmann, and Darian O'Rear, with a special appearance by Eric "EJ" Jackson (world champion freestyle kayaker and Olympian). A new addition to the cast is an unknown actress by the name of Kayla Perkins. It is not yet on the IMDb which role Kayla will play but she has a great look that compliments the rest of the cast. She was recently spotted at the trendy Whiskey Kitchen in Nashville(known for their many celeb patrons including Ashley Greene, Leighton Meester, Kings of Leon, and Reese Witherspoon) with one of the producers of "Into The Darkness", a gorgeous (and may I say surprisingly young for a producer) Jade Moser. See image at right. This image is from Kayla Perkins's facebook album, Horror Festival. You can keep up with Kayla by joining her fan page on facebook. Speaking of producers, I've noticed several have joined the line-up on IMDb. Joining Paul Moser and Jade Moser in producing the film is Pamela Vlastas, and associate producer Anthony Vlastas, and co-producer Manette Rosen. Joel Bender will be directing the feature. Moser Productions still helms as the production company and Rosen/Bender Productions joins as co/associate company.

In addition to great news for Kiowa's film, Rob Graves, composer for "Into The Darkness" was recent nominee for a 2010 Grammy for RED's album "Innocence & Instinct" and just won the "Dove" award for RED's album "Innocence & Instinct". He is a songwriter and producer for Universal Music. Follow him on Twitter. And if your not following Kiowa on Twitter already, make sure to do so! Plus don't miss this site talked about by Kiowa himself in Seventeen magazine! Wolfgang Weber and Russ Russo seem to have a lot going on too so be sure to check them out! In other news, there's also a rumor going around that "Into The Darkness" will make it's debut as a novel before it's feature film release. If that's the case, I'll definitely be the first in line to get a copy.

The filming dates for the film will follow the release of "Eclipse" and Jessica Andres's new film, M. Night Shyamalan's, "The Last Airbender" in which she acts alongside of Jackson Rathbone! This will make the popularity for "Into The Darkness" skyrocket. I hope to see more great actors join the already beautiful cast. My choice would be another "Twilight" actor like Kellan Lutz but that might be overdoing it a bit much. How about the other extreme? Paul Wesley maybe? Without further cast speculation, I think Kiowa has more than enough talent to lead this cast along with up and coming actress Jessica Andres, and established and very talented actor Louis Mandylor. Did you guys notice that the majority of the actors will be in "Murder For Dummys"? Maybe it's the sequel? Or just really close friends like Adam Sandler's group? I demand "Into The Darkness" a theatrical release, nationwide! Not limited theatrical release!?! Limited means the big select cities and I'm not into to that. That means us "fans" may not get to see the film and need to step in and make ourselves heard. I want to see Kiowa play a "lead" role on the big screen. Wouldn't you agree?

Support Kiowa Gordon and "Into The Darkness" on facebook and myspace! Tell them who you would like to see in the film. And be sure to keep up with the newest additions on the film's IMDb page! Go "Into the Darkness"! More updates coming soon. Meanwhile, enjoy these new promo pics taken last fall for the film (first released by Twilight Examiner). I hope to see more promo pics soon.
Kiowa Gordon and Dalal Bruchmann. Promotional photo shoot for "Into The Darkness" at Griffith Park.
Wolfgang Weber and Russ Russo. Promotional photo shoot for "Into The Darkness" at Griffith Park. Copyright Moser Productions LLC 2009.
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savylavy said:
great looking cast. i think emma watson would be great in the cast or chace crawford? idk
posted over a year ago.
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big smile
very good...how do u get so much info??:)
posted over a year ago.
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nicidaki said:
thanks JaCoB_LoVeR_26! They post all the info on their facebook and myspace. Sometimes I check their IMDb plus I'm fans of most of the actors of the film. I live in TN so there's been a lot of exposure about it in the news. I hope if I do a good job writing article about them, they might ask me to come on set to do an interview with the cast!!! savylavy, I think Chace would be a good addition but I don't know about Emma? She would stand out too much. Maybe she can do an American accent? Who knows. She's a great actress though!
posted over a year ago.
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savylavy said:
Emma could do it. i think. LOL. alot of the Twilight websites do stories too becaues of Kiowa. yours is pretty good. i hope they get Chace or someone just as hot. do you think they will cast Paul Wesley? that will be kinda cool if they did. I love him <3
posted over a year ago.