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The fans pick: Totally!!!!!!!!
Totally!- !!!!!!!
No, it&# 39; s ok as it is
The fans pick: Who cares? At least he's famous and he's got fans.
The fans pick: Zira killed him
he isn&# 39; t dead. he survived and...
The fans pick: Simba
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casmad said …
They also say that simba mum died protecting kopa from zira. A new TV show about the lion king is coming out and its about simbas oldest child kion. He is not in the films so he may be connected to kopa. Simba means lion in Swahili and kovu means scar. Kopa means borrowed in Swahili Posted over a year ago
casmad said …
Kopa is simas son in the book collection. People consider that it was cannon because when they were making the lion king 2 the books came out that is why kopa is not in the film. Some people have tried to slove it by saying that he fell in love with vitani and zira killed him because of that then some people say he was not killed but he ran away after zira attacked him but that is up to you wherever to believe or not. Posted over a year ago
gylfie said …
who is kopa?

~ the lion queen ~
Posted over a year ago
TheRealAleu commented…
i donno over a year ago
stephanie11232 commented…
kopa is a lion that did not show on the movie the lion king over a year ago