Namjoo Profile ^_^

"Let’s put all my best effort anytime, anywhere!"

Full Name: Kim Namjoo (김남주)

Stage Name: Namjoo (남주)

Nickname(s): Shikshin

Date Of Birth: 15th Of April, 1995

Birthplace/Hometown: Unknown

Education: Dongmyung Kindergarten - Wonmyung Elementary School - Seoil Middle School - Seoul Arts High School

Height: 165cm

Blood Type: B

Weight: 46kg

Hobbies: Copying Other People, Co-Ordinating Study/Dancing, Singing, Eating Well

Personality: Very Active, Bright/Outgoing

Position(s): Vocalist, Rapper

Sibling(s): None (An only child)

Roles Model(s): S.E.S, Fin K.L, Lee Hyori

Bad Habit(s): Copies/Imitates Other People and says “ah, eh, ee, oh, oo" habitually. (As she believes it could get rid of the swelling on the face)

Favourite Meal(s): Spicy Chicken, Pork and Kimchi Stew made by her mother

Favourite Colour(s): Purple and Pink

Favourite Number(s): 3

Favourite Movie: Sad, Mystery Movies

Specialty: Jazz Piano

Ideal Type: A man with no double eyelids and has a good facial expression, shinee’s onew

Idol(s) Who Is/Are A Fan Of Her: Super Junior’s
Ryeowook, F.Cuz’s Raehyun


Wagle: apinkknj

Mini Facts ^_^

1.She’s the 2nd best english speaker of the group and self-proclaimed “better chinese speaker" than naeun.
2.Her 95line idol friends include 5doll’s/co-ed’s eunkyo, myname’s chaejin, boyfriend’s jo twins, minwoo and btob’s sungjae.
3.She always download and listen to the top hit songs.
4.She likes comfortable style so usually she will wear big t-shirts with leggings/skinny jeans.

Namjoo <3~