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[Showbiz Korea] Today's StarPic! Jung Hae-in(정해인) & Shin Sae-kyeong(신세경)

[Showbiz Korea] The American legal TV drama 'Suits'! The press conference of Korean version

4 Korean Celebrity Couples Who Broke Up While in Military

14 Actors who completed their military service before they got popular

OMG ~ Say goodbye as these male Korean celebrities leave for military

Ha Ji Won's little brother- actor Jeon Tae Soo passed away due to depression at the age of 34

Lee Sung Kyung - Marie Claire Magazine December Issue ‘17

Interview with stars of the new drama “Black Knight”[

Guerilla Date with Rain [Entertainment Weekly/2017.12.04]

10 celebrity couples who got married after starring together in Dramas

11 Korean Celebrities Who Got Married In 2017 So Far (Jan - Jul)

Top actors of movie “Man of Will”,Cho Jinwoong, Song Seungheon,etc

Entertainment Weekly 2017.09.04

Guerrilla Date with Park Seojun & Kang Haneul

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine July Issue ‘17

Guerilla Date with Ji Changwook [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.24]

Hot Stargram : Park Seojun [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.07.03]

Saengmin's Veteran : Park Yeonggyu (With.SONAMOO's Minjae) [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.06.05]

INT for movie “Real” : Kim Soohyun, Sung Dongil, Choi Jinri [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.06.05]

School Attack : Yeo Jingoo [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.29]

Interview with Kang Haneul [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.29]

Interview with stars of the new drama “Queen For Seven Days”

“Fight For My Way” press conference INT : Park Seojun, Kim Jiwon

Guerrilla Date with Park Minyoung [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.22]

Sweet and Wild Celebrity Couple Diary [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.22]

Red carpet interview at the “53rd Baeksang Arts Awards” [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.05.08]

Guerrilla date with Choi Kanghee [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.17]

Interview with Yoona [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.04.17]

Interview with Dongha (Feat.Good Manager) [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.03.27]

Guerilla Date with Ryu Sooyoung [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.03.27]

Interview with Park Seojun, Kang Haneul [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.03.06]

Interview MOVIE : Ji Changwook, Shim Eunkyung, Ahn Jaehong [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.02.06]

Interview with Ji Changwook [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.01.30]

Photoshoot Interview wigh Ha Jiwon [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.01.30]

Interview Drama "Good Manager" : Namgoong Min, Nam Sangmi [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.01.23]

Guerrilla Date with Hyunbin [Entertainment Weekly / 2017.01.23]

Korea's Favorite Couples ranking 30-16 [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.12.12]

[ENG/VIET/KOR] 161122'도깨비'제작발표회 Press conference 'GOBLIN'

Interview with Lee Dongwook [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.12.12]

Korea's Favorite Manly Men ranking 40-21[Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.31]

Interview with Do Kyungsoo, Cho Jungseok [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.31]

Interview with actor of Drama "Sweet Stranger and Me" [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.24]

Jinyoung's special Interview [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.17]


Showbiz Korea _ BIFF Best Dresser _ PARK So-dam(박소담), KIM Tae-ri(김태리)

Showbiz Korea _ BIFF _ JU Ji-hoon(주지훈), JUNG Woo-sung(정우성) Interview

Showbiz Korea _ BIFF _ SON Ye-jin(손예진) Interview

Showbiz Korea _ BIFF _ LEE Byung-hun(이병헌) Interview

Interview with the main actors of film "Woojoo’s Christman" [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.10]

Interview with the main actors of play "Closer" [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.03]

Guerrilla Date with Ha Jiwon [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.10.03]

Research on the irresistible charms : Park Bogum [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.09.26]

On the Way to the Airport | 공항가는길 : Press Conference

Interview at Seoul International Drama Awards 2016

Trivial Curiosities about Celebrities–the best in different fields

Park Minyoung's special Interview [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.09.05]

Interview with actors of "Love in the Moonlight" in the film set [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.09.05]

Interview with actors of "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop" [Entertainment Weekly/2016.09.05]

LEE MIN HO Exclusive Full Interview with DramaFever @ KCON LA 2016!

Exclusive Preview Of DramaFever's Interview With LEE MIN HO @ KCON LA 2016!

Sung Hoon & Shin Hyesun's Special Interview [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.08.01]

Guerrilla Date with Actress Son Yejin [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.

Interview with Scene Stealer actor & actress [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.25]

Interview with Actor Son Hojun [Entertainment Weekly/2016.07.18]

Interview with main actors of movie "Train To Busan" [Entertainment Weekly/2016.07.18]

Interview with Kim Woobin, Suzy, Lim Juhwan, Lim Jueun [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.11]

Hye-sun, 'Sung-hoon' is the best kisser [Happy Together/2016.07.07]

Hye-sun and Sung-hoon, summer fling? [Happy Together/2016.07.07]

Guerrilla Date with Actor Lee Jungjae [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.04]

Interview with Actors of "Uncontrollably Fond" [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.07.04]

Actor of Trick's Interview [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.06.26]

Interview with Actor of The Master of Revenge [Entertainment Weekly / 2016.05.08]

Guerilla Date with So Jisub (Entertainment Weekly / 2015.11.20)

[KMHM] 제비꽃 from Ji Sung (지성) Kill Me Heal Me 킬미힐미

So Ji sub ❤ Lee Yeon hee [Ghost MV] ENGSUB


Master's Sun_2 Best scene cut

Master's Sun (주군의 태양) - So Ji Sub & Gong Hyo Jin - Cute NG - MV

[Teaser] Lee Min Ho(이민호) _ Love Motion

Boys Over Flowers NG - Behind The Scenes [HD] (English Subtitles)

Yoon Eun Hye - My Fair Lady NG Scenes (No Eng Sub)

Idol stars who are dominating the small screen!

Lotte DFS So I'm Loving You Kor Ver. MV

[Star Date] If you fall for him, it's over! Meet actor 'Yoon Sang-hyun'

[Star Date] The Star of 2012, Actor 'Song Joong-ki' (송중기) Eng Sub

Seo In Guk & Eunji - All For You Eng Sub Reply 1997 OST

Seo In Guk & A Pink Eunji - Still Our Love Continue Live Performance Eng Sub

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Direct CF Making Film moon chae won

Sung Joon singing Today cut from Shut Up Flower Boy Band ep7

Sung Joon- Today (Shut Up Flower Boy Band) OST

[ Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part.4 ] Seong Jun - Wake Up

Ah joong Kim's Live perfomance, Maria .avi

(Eng Sub) Shut Up Flower Boy Band Special BTS Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4

Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST/ Lee Min Ki - Not In Love [ACOUSTIC].wmv

Shut up flower boy band ost/Infinite L and Kim Yerim - Love U Like U

Shut Up Flower Boy Band Special - NG Compilation

Sungjoon - Jaywalking (무단횡단) MV | Shut up! Flower boy band

Hyun Bin & His Dramas

Hyunbin's sweet piano 2010

Hyun Bin - Kwang Dong Corn Tea CF (30s) No eng sub 2011 super cute :)