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Yuki x kaname Tribute

Vampire Knight - Kaname x Yuki x Zero MMV

Vampire Knight - Zero x Yuki x Kaname - {AMV} Flesh

Vampire knight (night class) tribute

[Vampire Knight Kaname x Yuki] E.T. ~ Katy Perry

Vampire Knight [NIGHT CLASS]

Beijo vampire knight yuki e kaname

Vampire Knight 2016 Update: Memories Vol. 2 Chap 5

Kaname x Yuuki AMV Hurry up & save me

Kaname X Yuuki - Keep Holding on ♥

Vampire Knight Mystical Night Class Extended

Vampire Knight AMV- Bring Me To Life

Kaname Kuran Haunted Evanescence (Vampire Knight AMV)

SDCC Vampire Knight Panel Part 1

Goodnight ❇ Kaname Kuran ❇ Daisuke Kishio ❇ Vampire Knight

All Kaname and Yuki Moments

Love Me Like You Do ~ Yuki x Kaname (Vampire Knight)

.:✖ Kaname Kuran ✖:. [MEP, my part]

Kaname Kuran - Leave out all the rest

Kuran Kaname - I"ll eat you up! [Beta]

Kaname Kuran || Bad Boy

Kaname Kuran Angel of Darkness

Kaname Kuran Shower Room Situation

Another Kaname Kuran Video

Vampire Knight: Kaname Kuran x Yuuki Kuran Forever

Kaname kuran AMV

Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran

Kaname Kuran X Yukki Cross

Yuki Cross x Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight - Kaname + Yuki is love

kaname and yuuki fanmade darling

yume yes i do

feed me fables

there's just no one like you

Kaname - Future

Kaname Kuran

My Immortal Kaname x Yuuki

yume - gotta be somebody

Kaname Kuran AMV

[VK] KanaYuu } Find a way.

Zero X Yuuki X Kaname - Whispers In The Dark MMV

MMV~★~Kaname and Yuuki (PREVIEW)

Meet Me at The End of The World (yuki and kaname tribute)

Yuuki & kaname: This Love

This love Kaname-Yuki

because the night: Kaname & Yuuki

Vampire Knight MMV - Forever

Mr Wonderful: Kaname

who do you think you are? (Yuuki, Kaname, Zero)

By Your Side {KanaYuu}

£ฬ§ // Ŋ e v e r ß e T h e S a m e ღ MЄƤ

S t r i p p e d.

It's Like You're Screaming [Kaname & Yuuki]

Kaname X Yuuki - Whispers in the Dark

[MMV] You Stupid Girl - Kaname/Yuki - Textless

Marionette - Loving Someone-YOU- [Re-Upload]

MMV-PV - Our Eternal Love

|Kaname|Yuuki| ..It's not even light out..

I hate everything about you "Vampire Knight" Kaname & Yuuki & Zero

★kaname x yuki ~ meet[ me] half way★

Kaname & Yuuki: I'm Your Little Butterfly

kaname and yuki

K/Y ~ Why did you change? [re-uploaded]

First Love~ Kaname & Yuki

Kaname X Yuuki AMV - "Over Night"

Vampire Knight - Kaname Loves Yuki

Kaname and Yuuki: I Won't Say (I'm In Love)

Kaname X yuki

Kaname and Yuki-Your Guardian Angel

Vampire Knight - Kaname bites Yuuki

Kaname & Yuuki: Chivalrous Youth

vampire knight- kaname & yuuki

Vampire knight Kaname & yuki (Where ever you are)

Vampire Knight MMV - Scream {Kaname x Yuuki}

[Vampire Knight] Kaname & Yuuki Pureblood Legacy 2 - Act 5 (Nell)

Yuuki x Kaname ~Miracle~.wmv

[Vampire Knight] Kaname & Yuuki A Pureblood Legacy - Afterglow (Nell)

Kaname and Yuuki

kaname and yuuki-listen to your heart

Candy From Strangers :: Kaname and Yuuki

This is Why I'm Hot :: Kaname Kuran

Vampire Knight - Kaname Kuran's Theme

kaname kuran [vampire knight]

Kaname Kuran - Angel Of Darkness.mp4

Vampire Knight - Kuran Kaname - All hope is gone.wmv

Kaname Kuran - mindfreak

kaname Kuran - always

Kaname Kuran's Theme

drawing vampire knight(kaname kuran part 1)

Kaname Kuran aus Vampire Knight

Have You Forgotten... .{Kaname Kuran}.

Kaname Kuran Tribute

Angel of darkness-Kaname Kuran

Forever Young Kaname & Yuuki

Vampire Knight Kaname and Yuki Beautiful Soul (Jesse McCartney)

Kaname x Yuuki - heaven when you kiss me - manga+clips

Set Fire to the Rain. || Kaname and Yuuki | VK

Kaname x Yuuki longer kiss scene

Kaname x Yuuki: I was Born To Make You Happy