1. Steal all of his clothes and replace them for dresses.
2. Invite the Viscount of Druitt over and tell him you found his ‘sweet Robin’.
3. Kidnap Sebastian and take him far away.
4. Then tell Ciel Sebastian decided to quit.
5. Call him a brat.
6. Ask whether or not he’s in love with Sebastian.
7. Whenever he says he isn’t wink seductively at him.
8. Give sugar to his servants and persuade them to actually do their job.
9. Ignore him and refuse to do everything he orders you to do.
10. Start calling him ‘Lassie’ and throw dog treats at him.
11. Grab a bunch of stray cats off the street and let them go in his manor.
12. Constantly annoy him whilst Sebastian is busy with the cats as he can’t do anything.
13. Steal all of his cakes and sweets that Sebastian made for him.
14. Eat his cakes and sweets in front of him.
15. Decorate his manor rainbow and bright colours while he’s out.
16. Turn up without fail to every dinner party he plans and sabotage it.
17. Ask him why his eyes are rainbow.
18. Ask him what happened to his parents and if he misses them daily.
19. Run around the corridors of the manor yelling ‘unlean, unclean’.
20. Tell him Angela decided to pay him a visit.
21. Steal all of his letters from the Queen.
22. Burn all of his letters from the Queen.
23. When asked where said letters went, tell him Pluto pooped on them.
24. Tell Grell that Ciel said he could hang around as long as he liked.
25. Break his pimp stick.
26. Steal all his clothes and set Lizzy on him.
27. Invite Prince Soma and Agni over for the year.
28. Pinch his cheeks.
29. Ask him to smile.
30. Run around him singing ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me’.
31. Whenever he says something end his sentences with ‘arr’ or ‘me hearties’.
32. Whenever something bad happens tell him it’s his fault he upset the natural order.
33. Grab a bunch of Funtom sweets and throw them at him one by one.
34. Replace his shampoo with pink hair-dye.
35. Call him a noob at chess.
36. Ask him ‘why so serious?’
37. Call up his fangirls and let them attack him.
38. Tell him Alois wants to marry him.
39. Constantly remind him how girly he looks.
40. Tell him he’d look good in a corset.
41. Ask him when he’s going to finally hit puberty.
42. Break into hysterical laughter and point at him randomly.
43. Steal all of his tea and replace it with coffee.
44. Tell him he was actually adopted and not the true Earl of Phantomhive.
45. Whenever something upsets you run and cry to him about it.
46. Ask why he’s so interested in a seedy man like Lao.
47. Tell him Elizabeth tragically died, and now he’s engaged to you.
48. Offer him dance lessons.
49. Every time you see him, make sure to give him a big hug!
50. Give this list to Sebastian and watch chaos ensue.