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Guide by Vampsessed posted over a year ago
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First Meeting, "Never Been Kissed": Kurt goes to rival school Dalton Academy posing as a student to spy on their glee club and meets Blaine, the handsome star of the Warblers.

First Duet, "A Very Glee Christmas": Kurt and Blaine perform "Baby, It's Cold Outside" together.

First Kiss, "Original Song,": After seeing him sing "Blackbird," Blaine realizes he's in love with Kurt and the two share their first kiss soon after.


Sexy Time, "The First Time": After a performance of their school musical West Side Story, Kurt and Blaine lost their virginities to each other.


Break Up, "The Break-Up": While visiting Kurt in New York, Blaine admits to cheating on him during their long-distance relationship. Kurt is destroyed and they go on an indefinite break.

Current Status: The two remain close friends, but Kurt is dating a new guy, Adam. Blaine is still heartbroken over their split and may have feelings for Sam.
Opinion by Farrahfanatical posted over a year ago
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Blaine freezes, it’s an hour before they go on stage and he gets a text.

“Darren was in an accident I’m sorry Blaine, but he didn’t make it.” His mom texted him leave it to his mom to break the news through a text message.

Darren a friend who helped him with his bullying problem was his best friend, he himself was struggling own by Adam’s group a group of three teens who torture people who are different at Criss High.

His knees cave; he hits the floor harshly dropping his cell on the floor with a loud thud.

Tears immediately start prickling his eyes, he pulls his shaking legs into himself and starts crying harder.

“Blaine, what’s wrong?” A soft voice says, Kurt is standing there his light blue eyes on his friend in concern.

Blaine can’t even find his voice, he just lets out a quiet sob.

Kurt walks over and sets on the floor next to the lead Warbler silently.

He wraps his arms around the raven haired teen and pats him gently on the back.
Fan fiction by Farrahfanatical posted over a year ago
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Kurt sets his bag in Blaine’s closet then sits on the bed pulling one knee up to his chest keeping the other on the floor, he looks around marveling the white room with black furniture.

Blaine Smiles drops his bag on the floor and sits next to him.

“So you want to watch a movie??” He asks looking at the stack of DVDs on his dresser.

“Sure, no Disney please Rachel made me watch Little Mermaid with her last weekend..” Kurt says

“What about The Losers??” Blaine asks standing.

“Ok, is it any good??” he asks.

“It’s one of my favorites.” He replies picking the dvd off the top.

Kurt sits in the living enormous admiring the vintage décor and the crimson silk couch.

Cacey walks in dressed in frog pj pants and a zombie T-shirt, her dark curly hair is in a loose pony tail.

“Can I watch the movie with you guys??” She asks biting her lip looking young.

“Sure.” Kurt says patting the couch next to him smiling.
Fan fiction by Farrahfanatical posted over a year ago
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Blaine pulls his car into his driveway carefully.

It’s dark out, he has to squint to see Kurt whose still asleep in the passenger seat.

“Kurt honey were here.” He says softly.

Kurt gasps and sits up quickly.

“You ok??” Blaine asks peering at his boyfriend concerned.

“I’m good.” he answers unbuckling.

Blaine gets out and gets his bag, then he scoops up Kurt’s.

He puts the messenger bag over Kurt’s small shoulder.

Taking up each other’s hands they walk to the entrance of the Anderson mansion.

“Wow.” Kurt remarks seeing the house fully.

Blaine chuckles at the shocked look on his face.

“Yea, this is the Anderson mansion, if your lucky you might see a glimpse of my parents.” Blaine remarks bitterly.

Kurt squeezes his hand lightly as the dark haired teen rings the doorbell.

A young girl answers the door, she has hazel eyes similar to Blaine’s and dark curly hair.
Fan fiction by Farrahfanatical posted over a year ago
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Blaine smiles after a civil phone call with his mom for the first time in a long time, finally he’s actually looking forward to returning home and it’s not because of his parents it’s because he gets to spend more time with his boyfriend Kurt.

“Kurt, you mind spending the weekend at my house?? It’s a two hours drive.” Blaine asks praying he says yes.

“I would love to, just let me get my stuff and homework.” He says smiling at him.

Blaine can feel his heart jumping into his stomach, now his weekend is going to be perfect.

He quickly throws some clothes into his book bag, he makes sure he has a few of his necessities and some of the things he just wanted to bring, then he steps out his room.

He smiles seeing Kurt and his over stuffed messenger bag.

“and were off.”

“Are you sure you want me to come??” Kurt asks timidly.

Blaine grabs his hand and they walk out to his car.
Opinion by Channyfan1 posted over a year ago
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Okay so I was watching "The Kiss"


And i saw a comment that i just thought was kinda funny

Karofsky: *grabs Kurt and kisses him*
Kurt: *stands like a statue*
Karofsky: *goes in for a second*
Kurt: *shoves*
Karofsky: D: *Cries and runs away*

That's it! I just thought it was funni cuz he was 1. Confused and disgusted
2. He was thinking of Blaine :)

Okay the reason i put this on here is because - and this is just my thoughts - I think he was thinking af Blaine! Kurt wanted Blaine 2 b his 1st kiss, not Karofsky!! His 2st REAL kiss was stolen from him; By a jerk who makes fun of him 4 being gay!!!!! It wasn't fair. Well, i'm pretty sure that we were all expecting some lip-locking but not like that!! I mean, c'mon! They bring in Kurt's first REAL love interest and they have the BULLY kiss him?!?!?! WTF is that all about?!?! I'm rly sorry if i'm thrusting my opinion's on u but i just had 2 get that off my chest. So, do u agree? Disagree? What's ur opinion? Leave a comment, I...