Okay so I was watching "The Kiss"


And i saw a comment that i just thought was kinda funny

Karofsky: *grabs Kurt and kisses him*
Kurt: *stands like a statue*
Karofsky: *goes in for a second*
Kurt: *shoves*
Karofsky: D: *Cries and runs away*

That's it! I just thought it was funni cuz he was 1. Confused and disgusted
2. He was thinking of Blaine :)

Okay the reason i put this on here is because - and this is just my thoughts - I think he was thinking af Blaine! Kurt wanted Blaine 2 b his 1st kiss, not Karofsky!! His 2st REAL kiss was stolen from him; By a jerk who makes fun of him 4 being gay!!!!! It wasn't fair. Well, i'm pretty sure that we were all expecting some lip-locking but not like that!! I mean, c'mon! They bring in Kurt's first REAL love interest and they have the BULLY kiss him?!?!?! WTF is that all about?!?! I'm rly sorry if i'm thrusting my opinion's on u but i just had 2 get that off my chest. So, do u agree? Disagree? What's ur opinion? Leave a comment, I wanna no! Kk, thxs, Klaine FTW. Byeeeee!!!