Blaine smiles after a civil phone call with his mom for the first time in a long time, finally he’s actually looking forward to returning home and it’s not because of his parents it’s because he gets to spend more time with his boyfriend Kurt.

“Kurt, you mind spending the weekend at my house?? It’s a two hours drive.” Blaine asks praying he says yes.

“I would love to, just let me get my stuff and homework.” He says smiling at him.

Blaine can feel his heart jumping into his stomach, now his weekend is going to be perfect.

He quickly throws some clothes into his book bag, he makes sure he has a few of his necessities and some of the things he just wanted to bring, then he steps out his room.

He smiles seeing Kurt and his over stuffed messenger bag.

“and were off.”

“Are you sure you want me to come??” Kurt asks timidly.

Blaine grabs his hand and they walk out to his car.

After getting everything situatated and buckled, Blaine starts his escalad.

“Listen to her pur.” Blaine says smiling.

Kurt smirks “I’ve been around cars all my life, I don’t think they purr.”

“No correction they growl.” The dark haired teen shoots back.

Kurt laughs and settles back into his seat.

An hour later, Kurt is alseep his head leaning against the window and Blaine is glancing in his direction occasionally smiling.