Kurt sets his bag in Blaine’s closet then sits on the bed pulling one knee up to his chest keeping the other on the floor, he looks around marveling the white room with black furniture.

Blaine Smiles drops his bag on the floor and sits next to him.

“So you want to watch a movie??” He asks looking at the stack of DVDs on his dresser.

“Sure, no Disney please Rachel made me watch Little Mermaid with her last weekend..” Kurt says

“What about The Losers??” Blaine asks standing.

“Ok, is it any good??” he asks.

“It’s one of my favorites.” He replies picking the dvd off the top.

Kurt sits in the living enormous admiring the vintage décor and the crimson silk couch.

Cacey walks in dressed in frog pj pants and a zombie T-shirt, her dark curly hair is in a loose pony tail.

“Can I watch the movie with you guys??” She asks biting her lip looking young.

“Sure.” Kurt says patting the couch next to him smiling.

She takes a seat next to Kurt smiling shyly.

Blaine puts the DVD in and sits down next to
Kurt, he wraps his arm around him and smiles as Kurt snuggles in closer.

Cacey glances their direction, but turns back to the screen smiling.

The movie ends and it’s 11 P.M.

Kurt and Cacey discusses the movie,while Blaine sits there laughing at the two.

“Jensen is adorble.” Cacey says Kurt nods in agreement.

“I kinda like Cougar.” Blaine says smirking.

“He was pretty Antonio Bandareseque which was pretty sexy.” Kurt points out.

Fifteen minuets later, Cacey is sound asleep her head on the arm of the couch.

Blaine carefully scoops his sister up and carries her to her lime green bedroom.

Kurt follows on his heels careful on the stairs.

After Blaine gets her situated Kurt pushes some loose hairs out of her face.

“She looks a lot like you.” He whispers

“I’m glad you guys got along so well.”

“She acts so mature for just being thirteen.”

“She basically had to raise herself, my parents aren’t around a lot, they even have a separate wing of the house.” Blaine says frowing.

“She’s lucky to have such a great and handsome brother.” Kurt says turning to him.

“I’m lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend.”
Blaine says wrapping his arms around Kurt pulling closer.

“I’m the lucky one.” Kurt says smiling.