Blaine freezes, it’s an hour before they go on stage and he gets a text.

“Darren was in an accident I’m sorry Blaine, but he didn’t make it.” His mom texted him leave it to his mom to break the news through a text message.

Darren a friend who helped him with his bullying problem was his best friend, he himself was struggling own by Adam’s group a group of three teens who torture people who are different at Criss High.

His knees cave; he hits the floor harshly dropping his cell on the floor with a loud thud.

Tears immediately start prickling his eyes, he pulls his shaking legs into himself and starts crying harder.

“Blaine, what’s wrong?” A soft voice says, Kurt is standing there his light blue eyes on his friend in concern.

Blaine can’t even find his voice, he just lets out a quiet sob.

Kurt walks over and sets on the floor next to the lead Warbler silently.

He wraps his arms around the raven haired teen and pats him gently on the back.

After a few minuets Blaine pulls away wiping his face, “I’m sorry for that.” He says masking his emotion.

“Blaine,” Kurt says in firm yet gentle voice “What is wrong??”

Again Blaine’s emotion seeps through uncontrollably.

Tears stream down his face he chokes out, “He died.”

“Who??” Kurt asks pulling the teen closer.


“Oh God, I’m sorry.” Kurt says, he remembers Blaine telling him about his friend Darren who helped him through his problems in his school.

Blaine lets out a soft sob and pulls his hands to his face.

“Shhh.. It’s ok..” The soprano says patting his back gently.

They go on stage; Blaine pulls it together and puts on his best acting show ever.

After the performance, he is hit by a wall of emotion, Kurt helps him to his room and stays with him over night.

At his friends funeral Kurt holds his hand the reassuring warmth keeps Blaine from loosing it.