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Flares ~ Klaine (only season 6)

Daydream Away - Klaine

Kurt + Blaine || I really like you [2x06 → 6x13]

All Klaine Duets{2x10-6x13}Part 3

All Klaine Duets{2x10-6x13}Part 2

All Klaine Duets{2x10-6x13}Part 1

Klaine locker scene // 6x13

Klaine Kisses{2x16-6x13}

the story of klaine | from 2x06 - 5x20

AU:Spider Man!Kurt. KLAINE

A Daydream Away//Klaine

Klaine AU//Stories&Lyrics

GLEE | "Daydream Believer" (Full Performance)

GLEE | Come What Klaine

GLEE | Full Performance of "Somebody Loves You" from "Transitioning

Glee 5x14 "New New York" Sneak Peek Promo—Blaine and Kurt Move In Together!

Kurt/Blaine - Crash and Burn

Blaine and kurt kiss in elevator

GLEE | "Klaine" in an Elevator from "The Hurt Locker, Part 2"

GLEE | Invitational Ground Rules from "The Hurt Locker, Part 1"

GLEE |Full Performance of "It's Too Late" from "Jagged Little Tapestry"

Glee: Klaine - Once Upon a Dream

Kurt & Blaine/he said she said/ (what are you waiting for?)

‘Glee’ Scoop Dave Karofsky Comes Between Blaine & Kurt In

Kurt + Blaine | In my veins

Best TV Gay Kisses || Sweet Disposition


Kurt and Blaine- Anywhere You Take Me

American Boy - Glee

Story Of My Life - Glee

Love Is A Battlefield - Glee

Glee - You Make Me Feel So Young

Kurt & Blaine {Klaine} I don't deserve you ♡

Klaine - it made me think of you (wings)

Klaine- For You

Klaine or ChrisCriss

Klaine | Everything's Okay

K+B I Dont Deserve You

KLAINE. And you're gonna hear me roar ♥ [5x01]

Glee - Kurt and Blaine (Klaine) Proposal Love Love Love

All You Need Is Love (Full Performance) + Blaine's Proposal

Full Performance of "All You Need Is Love"

Full Performance of "Got To Get You Into My Life"

Klaine Proposal - All You Need Is Love

kurt & blaine just give me a reason

Kurt and Blaine- Anything could happen

If I Had You - klaine Cheerio!Kurt

The best CrissColfer moment ever!

I Just Cant Get Enough - Full Performance

40 reason why I love Klaine