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I'm thinking of writing a fan fiction about Kyle graduating and leaving South Park to start a new life. If I published it on this fan spot would you read it?

I'm going to write it switching between Kyle writing a journal/his own thoughts. There will be cameos from real South Park characters and ones i'm inventing for the fan fic. Because i'm from England I might have to consult other fans about some of the minor details about American life(high school leaving age, age to leave home, graduation, diplomas, states etc.). All feedback appreciated.
 zaptrollwen posted over a year ago
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kyleobsessive said:
Cool idea! Mabe it's his final chance to stop having bad thing happen to him. Sniff sniff- if u do, ur taking his life into your hands... Don't mess it up, like south park directors. Take care of him
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posted over a year ago 
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