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77actors said …
I have the yellow medal !!!!! Yaaaaaaaay Posted over a year ago
DebbieParker commented…
I love Kyle Chandler in Eary Edition! I think this is one of the best heart-warming TV series ever made! I still a teenager when this show was aired and I simply not just because of the very charming Kyle Chandler, but simply because on how the story goes. Early Edition is all about a man who gets tomorrow's newspaper. So once he found out what will happen tomorrow (more like a premonition), he will make it right and prevent the bad news of tomorrow from happening. Every episode has an interesting story that’s why I got hooked into this show! I hope they will do a new version of this show. As for now, I’m watching it all over again from the DVD boxset I purchased from link. Great quality in all 4 Seasons of this show. If I would rate this show, it’s definitely a 10/10 stars! over a year ago