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Kyle XY Review Article

A review of the Kyle XY love story fan fiction

Review by beingkylexy posted over a year ago
fan of it?
Okay, I completely get the obsession with the complete lack of ending we got at the end of season 3, but people, you must listen very carefully: Kyle XY isn't just about the love romance thing with Kyle and Jessi.
Yes, that whole romance/finding each other thing was cute, and I loved it, but lets face it... Kyle XY would be boring if the description read, 'Genre: Endless Teen Romance'. Okay, Kyle and Jessi are like the perfect couple, and yes, Amanda is a bloody fool for even thinking she deserved him, and yes, every time argues with Jessi on screen I get mad because she thinks she can hold a candle to Jessi. But the point of Kyle XY is not endless romantic tension between the two protagonists, (though, as Josh so aptly says, I enjoy a good are they aren't they as well as the next person), is not what the whole show is about.
Breaking Inertia Part 2- Chapter One- Exposure by abs07 was well-written, well plotisized, and yes, I did only read the first page which probably makes me a hypocrite in myself. I loved it, because, though I am a girl, I love the Kessi dynamic. It is, in fact, irresistible. But if you are truly attempting to write proper Kyle XY continuation, the romancing of Jessi and Kyle should not take up a whole page of confusion and sadness.
You also made Kyle way too martyrish. I mean, sure he takes way too much onto himself, but he would recognize that Jessi was being partly unreasonable.
Which brings me to the next point, which is that Jessi is a very smart girl who would never object to Kyle, in any form. She has been pining after him forever. And she doesn't even know what a consolation prize is! I mean, come on.
Very good, on the whole, and very entertaining.
Thanks for that, but it is obviously fan fic. If that's what you wanted. well done.!
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malfster said:
Hey folks, I watched Kyle XY on Netflix and thought it was a real fun show to watch. They had an excellent story line with good actors for the roles. I was as disappointed as anyone that ABC Family chose to cancel the show and then to end it as poorly as they did. I want them to finish it right and I'm trying to collect 100,000 votes so we can show our support for the show. Please help me and go to this link to sign your name. Thank you.
posted over a year ago.