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Review by keturahk posted over a year ago
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out of a 1-10 i would have to say this is a ten. this is up there with the best manga i have read and the best anime i have watched. of course im a happy ever after type person. i love a little romance thrown into a story. tho even if you dont you will still prbly love this anime/manga. it has a bit of everything for every type of person. i have friends that are pretty harsh in the views of things and even they have to admit that this one is pretty awsome. dont be to judge mental about this anime/manga before you read or see it. my advice is if you want to get the best out of this series watch the anime first. the anime only goes up to ep. 25 (the first season) they havent come out with a 2nd season yet but the manga is still very much ongoing so im sure they will some time soon. after watching all 25 episodes i would continue on and read the manga. as far as i am aware of they have translated up to chapter 98 so far chapter 99 is out in japan but has not yet been translated into english. i really do recomend you read this it had my rotfl-ing the entire time the characters all have unique personality's and are so love able. in genres it may be under harem but it really isent...