Dear Diary::Kyoya Ootori...that rich jerk! Everytime I do something he completely destroys it!Like in class I raised my hand and got a question wrong "Oh well" you may think but not for Mr Ootori. He wormed out the answer like a venomous viper and stared at me all lesson! I know he is just cruel to me because Haruhi in 'Host Club' is a 'commoner' as well! That jerk needs to learn respect... even commoners have brains kyoya!
I put down my dairy...that was a nice subtle note for future generations to look out for him!
"Get the shopping....NOW" my mum cried. Uh another person on my bad list, note to self join nekozawas club,then I could curse kyoya! As I walked down the ally the night air was crystal clear and not a kyoya in site!Bang!"Move it lady!"a rough voice boomed at me. His dirty face pushed against my rain soaked skin "What cha doin,wana play" he smiled a toothless grin at me as other dark shadows came around him. 'Great' I thought 'end of the word for me,clash with Kyoya and now one with these thugs'! I looked around me the thugs had preformed a cricle round me suddenly wham they pushed up against me.This is it the end,hah kyoya so long,I don't have to put up with you anymore!Swish a blue streak angel...oh well looks like I'm going to heaven!
Wait...there was no pain anymore the thugs where on the My brain rattled Mori sempi he lived round here and it must be him he is a karate expert! "Are you alright" a calm voice pronounced.My ears pricked up..that was not it was...and by looking my eyes had confirmed it!It was kyoya!
I started to kick myself!No way,how could this be kyoya and no way..I called him an angel!My brain swirled how could it be him... jerk,he... no way, he would never save me? Swoosh suddenly I was in the air way somebody was carrying me you have to be kidding me...again it was Kyoya! Every time I look around he is always in my mind why....why.."I noticed you look a little flushed Miss AKEMI so I will carry you home with me" no way! I was being carried to his house by him and I was flushed..I must have stepped on Nekozawa's cursive doll!
Drip..rain oh great,today is the best day in the world isn't it."Lets run"Kyoya smiled!He lifted me higher in bridle style and he swooped through the rain.He smiled? Kyoya never smiles in school..but why here? Oh well I have to admit it..It is a cute smile! No way what am I thinking..I don't like him,I hate him...maybe I am ill?
"We are here"he cried. Still rich people..are rich people,maids came running out dragged me inside and put me in a dress,then to top it all off put me in a posh relaxation room with Kyoya in a blink of an eye!
"I hope they where not to rough"he smiled."No not at all"I replied..I could not help but smile back,his voice was so amazing and beautiful just like he himself was a beautiful person who looked after me what was I thinking,I hate him,he is the same jerk who is always laughing at me! No wait I am just letting my ego get in the way...."Miss AKEMI come over here,I have a gift for you" I walked over to him he was sooo handsome siting down in a suit.
My heart thumped as I sat next to him as he started to let out his amazing voice..."Mrs AKEMI you may think of me as a hmmm'jerk'"
Yes...yes I do my mind raced...but not anymore maybe?
"Well" he continued "Lets put it strait your name AKEMI means bright and beautiful right...."
"Yes" I replied."Well" he carried on "I believe that you"
HA I could not help but burst out with laughter "Of course it means me silly, it's my name"I chuckled!
He started to speak,clearly angry at himself...."Thats not what I meant, I mean you are bright and beautiful"! My face flushed... did Kyoya say that to me? " I mean it" he cried "You are are a bright spark in class...and you are so bright,you are a luminous yellow rose in a red rose bouquet...I said it, there now come over for your present" his face was a reflection of mine a deep shade of beetroot!
As I snook closed to him...I saw more than a jerk a much more than that..Wham warm luscious lips landed on me as Kyoya's gentle arms wrapped around.... I was a yellow rose in a red bouquet and a red rich rose welcoming me to his world....

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