Dear Diary...
On The next morning, it was Sunday, all policeman had free and the whole house was alone except Misa and L.
He was still sleeping next to me, when I woke up, he was so cool, I blush even now if i remember the last night, it was so unexpected,it was my first time, but it was perfect.
"Good Morning"I said.
He kissed me and said: "Hey, you were so cute yesterday ."
"Pervert" I blushed.
"I think you were the pervert yesterday !" =P
"What should we do today, I have the whole day free ?" I asked.
"Me too" he pushed me down on the bed "Should we stay like this the whole day ?"
"Are you crazy? Shouldnt we at last have brekfast ?"
"Ok, if we must, but then we will stay here" He said with a rape smile.
"Ill go and make breakfast"
We were naked and i couldnt go to the kitchen like that, so I put on his white shirt. For that exist 2 reasons: 1. I coulnd go there naked and 2. I wanted to see L without a shirt.
After 30 min. I called L to came on breakfast. But for my trouble he came with a new shirt.
"What is it Misa, you look sad ?"
"No, its nothing ." I said.
"Hmmm....You wear my shirt, I search for it, but I couldnt find it, so I put a new I get it. You wear my shirt becuse you want me to come here without a shirt isnt that right ?"
"N-no I...I have....."
But before I could say something he taked his shirt of.
"Happy ?" He smiled.
"I..." I coulnd say anything
"And now my return..."
"What, do you want cake ?" I asked.
"I want something else"
"What, chocolate, sweets ?"
"I want something else thats sweet!!"
"What ?" I asked wierd.
"You..." He whispered in my ear.
"Wait, Lawliet...someone will see us."
"No,I cant stop, by the way all policemans have free today.So were all alone."
I know he didnt wanted to go to bed again, but he kissed me so hard and wet it almost felt like he wanted...Like always I couldnt stop him, he was strong
like every day. But this time I didnt wanted to stop him, he put me on the table and kissed more and more who knows what would happend if I havent throw a glass of milk with my hand at my body .
"Ohhh...I wipe that milk away"
"No, wait I do that"
"But ho..."
He licked the milk from my body with his tongue.
"Misa your all with milk spilled"
"L, you dont need to, I do that myself."
"No..I would love to, to do it by myself" He said that with a wierd voice.
It was a wierd feeling but I enoyed it, dont know why but it was so cute, first he licked my legs, then my arms, my chest, my neck and last my lips (that havent even get wet)
"Misa, your lips are much wet too ."
"But L, they arent ."
He didnt even lisen to me. I tought that, that was the wierdes feeling in the world when someone is licking your lips...but then he didnt lick my lips he licked my tongue. It was actully really nice, wet but nice.
"Done" L said proud. "But why are you crying Misa ?"
"Becuse I never kissed with t-tongue" I said.
"Really...then come here"
"Why,what are you doing!!"
"Sit down on the armchair" He said. "I will teach you how to kiss like that ."
"Are you sure ?"
"Trust me" He said confidently "Just put your tongue like I do ."

He teached me that so nice that I learned very fast, I think I did it right beucuse he didnt say anything bad about it. We kissed more and we began to make out on the ARMCHAIR!! It was strange but I kind like it, but I think L loved it, becuse he began to undress. I founded it cute so I did it too. So that was my first time doing "it" in armchair (but so wierd it wasnt becuse the armchair was in Lawliets room.)