I put this under review cause it is not an opinion it is a review.Oh yes sorry if you thought this was fan fiction or something.I'm I-Luv-L and I do love L with all my heart(dramatic)!So lets begin shall we!

Reasons For L: to be my favorite Character

1.He is so handsome/cute!
2.He is different
3.He is a genuis
4.He is kinda funny
5.He is sweet
6.He eats alot of sweets
7.He is understanding
8.He is reasoning
9.He is kind hearted
10.He is so interesting
11.He is impressive
12.Has a cool but sad story behind him
13.Alot in common
14.He is calm
15.He is responsible
16.He is dependable
17.He is mature
18.He is respectable
19.He is awesome
20.And he is who he is!

Just like Ke$ha is who she is!

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