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L's Funniest/Cutest Moments Part 3

L's Funniest/Cutest Moments Part 2

L's Funniest/Cutest Moments Part 1

Death Note Soundtrack - L's Theme

This is Why L's Hot

L's the Candyman

Sexy Back

How to Draw Chibi L

Leave out all the rest - AMV - Tributo a L

L Tribute -- Innocent

L's Mad World~ (AMV)

L Death Note - Eat It

I'll give you this strawberry [English Dub]

L's Introduction Scene In English Dub

OST Track: "L no Shisou"

L's Theme A, B, & C

OST Track: "L's Past"

L Quote ~ "There are many types of monsters in this world..."

L song

Deathnote AMV: Save Myself First (Light vs L)


This is War

mxm musical soup opera

Deathnote Message from L

the game show

MATT'S response

L's Rebuttal [To Light's Rant]

light's rant


L - Hero

L Can't Eat His Bagel/ Donut

Everybody's Fool - L

A video i made of L. My Last Breath by Evanescence

L Lawliet [Everybody hurts]

L Lawliet [Bad boy]

L - Kryptonite

« L's Deception »

L birthday cake

My birthday vid for L

Im a banana | [DN]

L kills Justin Bieber

Yoshi L

super cute L video



For L ^w^

American Trailer

Death Note Kira Vs L

L vs Kira

Kira vs L ( Tennis )

L reveals his name

L's Most Cutest Moments forgot to say OVER!

L gets prank called

L - Cuppycake Song

Light vs L funny

Death Note - L´s theme


L is the real suger baby

Death Note Musical - "I just can't wait to be King"

L- Simple and clean

Sketch note, fan animation

Death Note fan animation

L- This moment

L- Cat like theif

L's folktale

L is untouched

L's brightside

L wants candy

L reaction to justin bieber

Mean Girls

L is sweet!

Unfamiliar to L

The Death Notes - Obsession

something that will make you rofl!

L stands up straight

Light better beware.

L's funny phone scene

Best of L

L's theme reversed

L the Science Guy

L likes Waffles - Death Note

Ryuuzaki Is Mr.Wonderful

L's Theme Song

L's happy song

L love cake

L goes BANG!

L gets an Idea

I killed L

L on Political Correctness

Light's Rant About L, and L's Rebuttal

Death note - Beyond Birthday references in anime

Death note Funny (Go L!)

Death Note - L vs. Light Fight sped up

Death Note Opening 1 - REALLY FAST!!!

Deathnote - L kills Light

L's Funniest Moments

Death Note: Funny and Random Scenes