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"Again Again"

i just bought The Fame Monster yesterday and i LOVE it!!! i was just wondering. I had a downloaded version of The Fame, and there was a song on it called "Again Again" (kinda "Speechless" style). This song is not on the new 2 disc album. was it never officially on The Fame either? thanks! n_n
so i reserched this a bit, and i guess on the North American version of the album, they took "Again Again" off and added "Starstruck" and "Paper Gangsta" (i don't really like either of them). It's on the original The Fame, though. thanks for your answers!
PiiXiiE posted over a year ago
 PiiXiiE posted over a year ago
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hareyzzz9255 said:
Again Again,i've heard that song already &,
it's not part of the albums "the fame" or "the fame monster".....
BTW, it's gud that u bought the album.....
i haven't bought the album cuz it ain't released in our country.....

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posted over a year ago 
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