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planetarykarina said …
And when he calls
He calls for me
Not for you Posted 20 days ago
sini12 said …
All I wanna do is get high by the beach,high by the beach,get high
All I wanna do is get by,by the beach,by the beach,by the beach
Posted 3 months ago
Odesta said …
What is u guys favourite song mine is money power glory Posted 5 months ago
sini12 commented…
I probably have a list of favourite songs when it comes on Lana,but um I'll say American,Gods & Monsters,Old money,Because of you,National Anthem,Pretty when you cry,Terrence loves you & more :) 5 months ago
sini12 said …
In love with new album ♡ Posted 7 months ago
mr-cullen commented…
me too 7 months ago
Odesta commented…
Me three 4 months ago
sini12 said …
I live to love you,
& I love you love you,
& I live to love you,Lana ♥
Posted 7 months ago
geocen said …
Honeymoon comes out the 18th x Posted 7 months ago
sini12 said …
Baby,If you wanna leave
Come to California
Be a Freak like me,too♥
Posted 7 months ago
sini12 said …
& I still get trashed,Darling when i hear your tunes♥ Posted 8 months ago
LoveSterlingB commented…
8 months ago
sini12 said …
~Happy Happy Birthday,My Queen ❤ I love you to infinity & beyond~ Posted 10 months ago
mr-cullen said …
Will you still love me when i am no longer young and beautiful? Posted 11 months ago
sini12 commented…
I love this song,lana & you :D ♥ 10 months ago