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Fan fiction by svu_luver posted over a year ago
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The officers lead Elliot outside and shoved him into the back of the police car but left the door open so Dean could talk to him.As Dean neared the car Elliot could see his face turn from anger to confusion as he pulled out his phone.

"...Don this is Porter....one of yours has been arrested....Yes...anonymous tip....No...Okay...Well Capti...Ok...I understand....Meet ya there in 20 minutes....Yes...Ok....Bye"

Dean smiled as he walked over to Elliot and made sure he was just millimeters away from his face...."Book him..."he smiled and shut the door in Elliots face.

The words repeated in Elliot's head 'Book him'.....

*ABANDENED BUILDING*(once again...idk where make it up =D)

Olivia didn't remember much after she left her apartment, but when she awoke in the big dark room tied to a chair all she could think about was Elliot. 'Is he looking for me...does he know I'm gone...Does he care?'was all that ran in her head.Being a cop and all Olivia was trained by the very best to be prepared for the very worst but never this. Olivia had to admit...
Fan fiction by svu_luver posted over a year ago
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"Kathy!!"he screamed running to the body

"Kathy...baby wake up...wake up!!"he screamed on his hands and knees,tears streaming down his face, shaking the body,nothing,not even a moan. He collased over her body while still wispering her name he couldn't beleive it......his wife the
love of his life lay their motionless in a pile of blood,her blood,and yet deep inside he was somehow happy it was her and not Olivia.

"We'll hello Mr.Stabler"said a voice it was too dark see anything but a figure."Nice of you to join us...*laughs*...see she that wife of yours she was a naughty one we had to let her go, but your partner...let's just say she a little more cooropertive .She wanted me to give you a message, but I accidently ripped it into a million peices...*laughs*...We'll I have to go now. I'll be eaving your partner...Hold up now why would I tell you that...*laughs*...you have 7 days to find her,Which I doubt you'll do... *laughs*...How's your family?And talking about family you'd better get home to Eli...you see your wife left him alone and I don't think she'll be coming back....*laughs*..."
Fan fiction by svu_luver posted over a year ago
fan of it?

*SOMEWHERE ON NEW YORK STREET(idk where just make it up =D)

Elliot walked down the street frustrated and determined to find his partner...he just had to.As Elliot crossed the street he got a call.

"What.."he said not really caring.

"You know your partner has really great legs...*laughs*"

"If you put your hand on her I will...."

"You'll never find me....but just for the joy of it how bout you go to 123 Abc Lane....I left you a little surprise....*hangs up*"

Elliot knew that he should call Captain but what for he was doing this thing solo. He continued walking.

*123 ABC LANE*

As Elliot neared the building he could smell death...it was just a cop thing. He reached for his gun but realised that he left it at the squadroom and his extra was in his car, which was also at the station, so looked like he was doing this thing free-handed.He immediatly kicked down the door...why waste time knocking?...His heart almost stopped when he saw a body laying in a pool of blood. he neared the body...not Olivia...he almost jumped for joy but stopped...