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The fans pick: No, way they made the show for me
No, way they made the show for...
The fans pick: James Deakins
The fans pick: Goren
The fans pick: Robert Goren
The fans pick: still together
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Starwarschick18 said …
It really upset me that this show ended. I really miss it. But I'm glad that I can almost always find it on tv. It's super nice 2 know it will be alive on re-runs. I loved Goren & Eames's partnership they balanced each other out brilliantly! Posted over a year ago
Shannon1982 said …
I miss this show. :-( Posted over a year ago
LTboy said …
Bobby is awesome - smart and strong, and Eames is cute and little tough-guy - love them BOTH!!! Posted over a year ago
nikki8green6 commented…
Bobby is totally awesome! I think I fell in love with his character because he's always thinking outside the box and he always speaks his mind regardless of who is around... over a year ago
LTboy commented…
He's just very cerebral, a real thinker. :) over a year ago
nikki8green6 commented…
I know... he just keeps you drawn in to what he's saying or doing.. over a year ago
LTboy commented…
He's 'bookish' but not in a 'nerd' way (nothing wrong with nerds they're awesome) he just finds the info he needs to solve the cases. over a year ago