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Law & Order: CI Question

Does anybody else really not like Bobby actually confiding in the shrink?

Normally if a show has a character do something I figure it's not OOC, since they should know the characters better than us, but I feel like the Goren we saw in the past season would be playing mind games with the shrink not actually telling her anything remotely truthful.
 Jeffersonian posted over a year ago
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chaoticblu said:
Well, we did see some resistance from him intially. It would have been nice if the season were longer and we saw more sessions. Maybe then they would have had him playing mind games more. So while I dont' think it's nessecarily ooc-as I think he wants to figure himself out as well and realized the shrink could actually help him and was being sincere- due to the short season perhaps they rushed the process a bit.

I admit it seemed weird he was starting to trust her, but I guess maybe he was really concerned about losing his job for good this time?
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posted over a year ago 
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