A story of a Detective's (Elliot stabler) need to find his partner,Detective Olivia Benson. Elliot finds himself on a roller coster ride with all the emotions and stress of the case. Elliot has one week to find his parner before the pervert who took her kills her like he has with his other victims. Lives will be lost, innocent will be found guilty, cops will lbe buried, badges will be put down, but will Elliot find his partner and tell her his true feelings before it's too late?...

A story of a Detective (Olivia Benson) who awakes to find herself in a living nightmare. After being kiddnapped Olivia deals with the emotions she's only seen in her victims. Olivias finds herself fighting for her life more then once, being shot, and with a new name 'Cop Killer'. Olivia repeatly tells herself to be a cop not a victim, but will this cop be victimized?....

A story of a Captain(Donald Cragen) who is dealing with one of his best detectives being kiddnapped and her partner who won't be able to hold things together for too long. Captain is dealing with more then he ever has in his life and turns to his old college friend ,alcohal, for support, but the worst is yet to come. Captains whole career starts to go down the drain when alcohol starts to take over his life.Will his life go down with it?....

Also with Detective John Munch, Detective Fin Tutuola, M.E. Werner, A.D.A. Kim Greylack,Doctor George Wong, and F.B.I. Agent Dean Porter.



Olivia put on her coat,grabbed her files, and headed for the door,but just to her luck she got a phone call.

"Benson..."she moaned into the telephone trying not to drop the millions of files in her arms.


"Hello..!"she said rolling her eyes.This has been happening everyday for about the last 4 weeks just as she was leaving her apatment and she was worried,yet totally annoyed.She hung up the phone and looked around her apartment. 'Something isn't right'she thought for a moment but ignored it and procedied(SP?) on her way since she was already late.She locked her door and pushed the button for the elevator.

"It's broken"said a lady coming up the stairs

"Just perfect"she moaned as she headed for the stairs.She exited the building and neared her chevy.Just as she arrived she felt a tap on her shouder and....


"Anyone seen Benson?"asked captain coming from his office.

"She called a little while ago said she'd be running late"said Elliot.

"Fine,We'll Elliot looks like you'll temporearly(SP?) be working this one with Fin"

"What!"said Elliot and Fin in unison

"You heard me.."said captain annoyed at there childish behavior "Okay so we have a triple rape-murder one here, here, and...here" he said pointing at locations on a map. "All in low-populated areas, all late-night, and each with-in 3 days of each other"

"So we have a serial rapist?" said Elliot as fin rolled his eyes as if to say 'DUHH!'

"..but all victims died a different way this one was stabbed repeatedly 34 times, this one was shot fifteen times three of 'em in the back of the head, and this last ones autopsy is still pending.....Strangly all the victims were wearing wedding rings and the familys say none of them were married.The only thing the perp left behind at each crime scene is the location where the next victim lives"

"So that means we can protect the next victim?..Right?"asks Fin

"Not nessecerly...all victims lived in apartment complexs with more then a dozen buildings and most the tendents want absolutly nothing..."

"To do with the police"Said Elliot finishing Captains sentence since he's heard this way to many times."So wheres the next victim?.."Said Elliot as the phone rang.


"Um...Arrons Apartments"said captain just as the voice one the other line cryed for there life a voice Elliot Stabler knew all to well....

"Isn't that Benson's complex??"said Werner walking in with the autopsy results as Elliot Stabler stood there phone to his ear in shock...the voice on the other line belonged to his partner...