Law and Order SVU "Ripped from the Headlines" - what are the real cases from L&O:SVU?

jenstudent posted on Sep 15, 2008 at 05:57PM

I am a student completing my undergraduate thesis on the comparison between L&O:SVU episodes and the real cases they are modeled after, in SEASON SEVEN. I know there is a book called "True Stories of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit", which has been useful in detailing the real cases of five (of the twenty-two episodes) during SEASON SEVEN. I am wondering if anyone knows personally, or of another resource, which details where the L&O:SVU episodes came from (specifically, SEASON SEVEN)?

Thank-you, Jen

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over a year ago livi_wells said…
In the season 7 ep of '911' (episode 3 i think)
they at first believe the girl was a hoax, like the in 2004 where a girl called Jessica rang the police with complete details of an abuse case. It turned out it was a 17 year old girl and it never happened. If you follow the link below it gives more details.
good luck with your undergrad!

over a year ago livi_wells said…
Oh and also the episode strain (also season 7)

it doesn't give much information, but you might be able to google it.

over a year ago livi_wells said…
and this one too
its called 'name'. it gives a little more information than the other 2 i posted.

over a year ago jenstudent said…
thank-you very much. if you find anymore, please let me know.
over a year ago manmates said…
Hi - I can't find any answers for this. I am also looking for tghe same information - so any kind of website / resource which would list all the "Ripped from the headlines" episodes from all seasons would really help.

Please please help if you can,


over a year ago Eline_K said…

I don't really know any more episodes, but I do have a link for you. It's also about SVU cases and real cases, but not exactly the same as your topic. Maybe this is completely useless for you, but I still thought I'd share this link with you, just in case. link is the link.

Good luck with your thesis!


over a year ago lalaabye said…
over a year ago Eline_K said…
Say what...?
over a year ago thedogandcat said…
fjdkal; hahaha i did the same thing lalabye did
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over a year ago avaldo said…
I heard the episode 'Authority' was based on a true story.
A man impersonating a detective actually was calling fast food restruants (sp?) and telling the managers to strip-search employees. D;
over a year ago athena32 said…
I'm doing the same paper, only it doesn't have to just be season seven, and the real case it's based on has to be from NYC. I'd appreciate any help!